Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hey, friend

well hello there.

i was considering shutting down this blog. i'm considering a lot of things.

but today, i am mostly thinking about my friend. i've never met her in person but, have known her for over two years. we became friends over hundreds of chats and conversations as editors for

this is brandie.

today, she is undergoing a bilateral mastectomy. and i am here--in michigan and she's in chicago.

the internet has a way of bringing people together that would not likely meet otherwise. i love that. but some days, i wish i could be there in person.

it isn't my story to tell, it's hers and she writes at a journey of 1000 stitches.
it would be SA-WEET if you showed up there and gave her more support. a virtual hug isn't exactly like a physical hug....but it's something. and some days, you feel like you need to be able to do something, you know?

love and light and ((((hugs))))


  1. Love this. So true. Virtual hugs have helped me during some tough times. Thinking of Brandie today.....

  2. Thank you my dear friend =) xoxo (((hugs))))

  3. Dropped by Bradie's and wishing her speedy healing. Your right support can do amazing things.

  4. First of all, you can't quit blogging, because even the few posts here and there are worth the wait. And secondly, I'm throwing out a bunch of prayers for Brandie today. And that's because you wrote about it on your blog. See how that works?

  5. please don't shut it down , I love it here! On my way to deliver my hug :)

  6. aw, hugs to you!
    one of my closest friends, who happens to be a neighbor had the same thing.
    she battling breast cancer and melanoma.
    she had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in november '10
    and just finished her last round of chemo on april 25th.
    this week she started radiation.
    it's so hard to watch her go through it so i can't imagine how hard it is for you to not be near brandie.
    sending you lots of hugs today!

    (and do NOT shut down the blog... this is an order!)

  7. First, sending prayers and good thoughts to your friend. Cancer, it sucks.

    Second, you are not allowed to quit blogging. We'd all miss you too much.

    The end.

  8. Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday. :-)

  9. OK, I just typed you this lengthy brilliant comment about not quitting and just somehow erased it. But it said in short "DON'T YOU DARE STOP THIS BLOG" (only it was nicer and more convincing)...

  10. Deborah - LOVE your blog! Discovered you (and Brandie) through The Motherhood, and have followed your blog and hers for a little while now. Your perspective on things is awesome and inspiring to others (me!)...and it would be sad not to read about you and your take on things. Even if you just post once in a while, don't stop! Thanks for listening. [And yes, Brandie did tell me to join The Motherhood and I'm thinking about it.] :) Thanks for all you do! Chris, San Diego CA