Thursday, April 28, 2011

cheerio love

funny how things line up.

i borrowed a copy of elizabeth gilbert's most recent book, her follow-up to "eat pray love"--"committed". i'm about half-way through. it's about marriage--about getting and staying, about avoiding and considering; it's about the history of marriage, both recent and long ago. fascinated and curious, i am.

we really didn't know a lick of anything when we married (big red and i). it's a statistical miracle we are still married. we didn't have a whole lot going for us. under 30, both took on new jobs just before getting hitched, not much money, red was still going to school and a honeymoon baby. but here we are--still together.

tomorrow is the big wedding in the u.k.--or haven't you heard. ;)
i'm not that interested, but i need to be home a good part of the day tomorrow to finish up a project. so i'll probably catch highlights.

i watched back in 1981 when charles married diana. and like many young girls, i secretly wished to be a princess like that. that amazes me now. why? why? why? probably because i didn't understand a lick about marriage. it was still all fairytales and butterflies, in my thoughts then.

it's alright though, as it appears i am not really royality-friendly.

i am, however taking last minute reservations for the nuptials. in honor of william and kate's upcoming wedding...
your royal wedding guest name - start with either lord or lady. your first name is one of your grandparents’ names. your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barreled with the name of the street you grew up on.

love and light and cheerio
lady dorothy sage of park


  1. Letse see... that would make me Lord James Cindy of Wakefield

  2. Lady Jeanette Theodore
    of Riverview, showing
    up early, as usual....!
    I have to admit, I'm a
    BIT put off that W&K lived
    together for several
    years before this big day.
    Seems like royal standards
    aren't what they used
    to be...sigh....But yes,
    I'll watch with the rest
    of the herds!!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Its probably just as well that you never married into royalty- you could NEVER have done that dance move in the arms of a future King.

  4. Oh, and I'm not so sure about my "Royal" name: Lady Dixie Sheeba of Bonita, lol.

  5. How cute. How sweet. My sentiments exactly with regards to your thoughts of early marriage days. We were so completely naive!
    Respectfully yours,
    Lady Evelyn Priscilla of Lippi

  6. still adorable!!
    lady socorrow max of mabini

  7. Hmm. Lady Elsa Molly of Field.

    I'm with ya with the Royal Wedding. Those are some seriously gorgeous people though, huh?!

  8. I contest that you and Big Red knew precisely what you needed to know (and what you needed NOT to know)!

    Precious photo! Such joy! :)

    Cheers right back to you,
    Lady Mildred Tahoe of Meadowland Drive

  9. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! We are having a rainy day here and my daughter has pink eye, yuck!

    Hope all is well!

    Love your wedding picture!

    I think I might have to pick up that book, sounds good!


  10. Love this, and now I really want to read that book.


  11. love this post! found your blog through The Motherhood. I'm new to Michigan, my husband and I and our two children are relocating to the area because of my husband's job. We just bought a house in Clarkston, and don't know anyone there, so I'm glad I found your blog! We move in a few weeks.

    I want to read this book now, sounds great!


  12. Love these photos. Darling. Like the blog too. Will be reading.

    xo from brittany