Friday, April 22, 2011

a way of being

happy earth day!!!!

i partnered with jack johnson for this little message.

well, sort of.

i totally agree with him.

and he might be my boyfriend.

and he doesn't know about that either. (but big red knows and he's totally alright with it. he's so evolved) you can watch jack here.

we aren't brand new to this bandwagon. we do our part. little things everyday. you probably do too. is there something else you could do to be kind to the earth today and tomorrow. a new habit--a way of being?

i'm promising to carry the reusable bags into the store. i'm making it a bigger priority than i have in the past.

we were hoping to walk a local park today but it's raining and two people in this house are under the weather already.

i'll check out B Kind 2 Earth Day's facebook page. you can too. but there are other things we could do. what if, all at once, we all took a bigger step to care for our collective world. what if we all voted with our time, energy and money to people and causes, politicans and goods that represented our love for this earth we are all living on. can you imagine?

love and light all at once


  1. Oh, you sound just like me. How many times have I had the bags in the car and forgotten to carry them in. And Jack Johnson is MY boyfriend. Sheesh.

  2. Love it. :) And yes....the bags have been purchased, but have yet to leave my car. I have faith- it will happen!

  3. I'm a bag-forgetter,
    too....but my heart
    is in the right place!
    Love me some Jack, too!
    xx Suzanne

  4. Hey! Loved catching up on all your latest happenings today...I am glad to learn of this new website thanks to you, too. Thanks for sharing such a deep love for our planet. I really CAN imagine a world like you described. If enough of us work together, one day we'll get there, friend. I just know it! Love, Robin