Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the story of basketball, carry-out and snow

once upon a time there was a lot of basketball.

basketball is over here.

the season's done.

we had lots of basketball this weekend.

our boy did really well. his team of 9 was down to 7 for the play-offs and then 2 boys were hurt in the first game. his coach had to be out of town for the games.

so he asked big red to coach.

uh, what?

yep, red and another mom coached these 10 and 11 year old boys.

they won but two of their regular season games and did their best this weekend.

we brought our tired little sweatball home and hung out with family.

we played board games, b helped his grandpa load up his ipod, and we ate yummy carry-out ribs and pasta and salad and breadsticks.

then we awaited the snow. it came. and kept my boys home from school for two days. then the sun came out. then i was happy again. the end.

love and light

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  1. Good morning, dear Friend!

    I am sitting here with a warm mug of oatmeal and a cold cup of coffee, and I knew I just had to bounce over to your wonderfully, appley land of Light.

    Always a Joy to share moments with you here in your words (and great playlist of music). I enjoyed all your posts from this past week. You always capture life for me in such a profound, yet sacredly simple, way. Thank you for that...

    LOVE right back atcha!