Monday, February 28, 2011

i should get an award....for my awesome-ness or something

so the airborne has spent the last few days chasing the germs pulsing through my body. it is hard to catch up. i believe the key to airborne, is to take it the moment before you begin to think that maybe you might, by chance be coming down with the gunk. there is where i made my mistake.

by friday, i was dying. and dramatic. i'm not a good sick person. my poor poor family. saturday was a little better, but by sunday my lack of sleep coupled with constant coughing? a little annoying some might say.

let me share with you our sunday.

so sunday we all get up and get ready to drive 30 minutes to r's baseball scrimmage at the sport's complex--the giant-long-halled sport's complex--so awesome that the scrimmage was cancelled for a regular practice at the old high school, that is but one minute away, where the rest of the team was tossing the ball around. awesome. i didn't even complain, but told r that i was sorry that both of his parents checked the wrong e-mail.
(r with his *oscar* in chicago's museum of art)

r had free mcdonald's coupons so i allowed the boys to use them without complaining about the lack of nutritional value in mcdonald's *food*.

big red and i went on an afternoon date that also included a trip to homegoods and the grocery store. he didn't even hold my germy hand. he mostly followed me around like a really good kid.

then big red and i watched the oscars. because we only saw one movie up for any award. and that was toy story 3. awesome.
(big red and woody at chicago's lego store)

i like movies, red likes movies--we like, don't go to the movies. we go to homegoods and the grocery store. and the baseball practice and places we don't need to be. awesome. i'd like my award now, i feel a speech bubbling up inside me. the king's speech. who should i thank for my awesome-ness?

awesome love and light
deborah larson king

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