Thursday, February 24, 2011

for body and soul

i feel it coming.

in my bones,
in my throat,
in my head.

it's coming. and it's coming on hard and fast.

but it might not be expecting the airborne.

i love airborne.

i know there was a big kerfuffle a few years back regarding their claims.

i don't care.

i believe in airborne. it works for me. it works for my family. that is all the study i need.

do your thing--you magic potion. make me better. and let me sleep.

love and light and a little sleep

p.s. i was not compensated in any way for this product-love. however, if airborne would like to show some love back? i'm all ears. :) and i love chicken soup too.


  1. Very cute post. My husband swears by this too!

    Last week I was awarded "The Versatile Blog Award" by a sweet blogger in Australia called "The Fancy Flea". I am to pass the award on to 7 more bloggers that I really like. So.....

    I chose you! The details are posted on my blog article for today. Basically, you :

    "link" back to me ( in your post,
    say 7 things about yourself,
    and then choose 7 bloggers to send the award to that you really like.

    I had fun. I am small potatoes in blog world but I enjoyed this. Congratulations!

  2. Feel better!
    Be careful about
    taking too much,
    though....My hubby
    upped his Vit C at
    X-mas when he felt
    a virus coming on
    and his immune system
    was so pumped up that
    it OVER-compensated
    and he had cold/flu
    symptoms for a MONTH!
    Apparently, according
    to his doctor, this
    can happen....Your body
    pulls out all the stops
    and then it WON'T stop...
    producing mucus, making
    you cough, sending out
    a fever....UGH. So glad
    it's behind us and hoping
    the same for you, SOON!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Being sick is the worst. I hope you feel better quickly!

  4. Oh I firmly believe in the magical powers of Airborne too! I hope it works quickly for you so you can feel better soon. Being sick is no fun, especially as a mom when you have to take care of everyone else while you are sick.

  5. amazing header and your blog is lovely!


  6. lol! I hope they do compensate you! You did a great job of singing Airborne praises.

  7. Oh no, feel better soon!! I think Airborne is terrific.

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    Art by Karena