Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a little apple love

here's a little valentine for you from me....well, not exactly.

it is past valentine's day. and this isn't my photo. i didn't take it. wouldn't even know how to get the letters onto the picture. yes, i know it's some digital help.

i stumbled upon it a few days ago. it called out to me. how could it not? :)

i knew i wanted to use it in someway.

found it on i asked permission to use the photo here, on my blog.

it was super easy.

asking is easy. being alright with the outcome is easy.

you know what isn't so easy. having your words, photos, art, music....the list goes on.....taken.

i'm sure that it doesn't feel criminal to take a little photo here or there, but it is stealing. so just ask.

you know what? i've never been turned down. on top of that, i have found some wonderful new bloggers and photographers. everybody wins. everyone should be recognized for their work. period.

so here's a little valentine from apples in wonderland and jodi from living life photographically. hop on over there and tell her, i sent you.

hugs and kisses, love and light


  1. I SO agree! I always try to ask first. If there is no place to 'contact me' I at the very least tell them in a comment that I am borrowing with a link right back to them. Someone took a photo I took of Allie and placed it with a song on youtube and it's out there in cyber-space with no credit to me! Even shows up on random Allie 'stuff' Since she is my kid and happens to like the photo, I don't mind but a credit is always nice. Thanks for sharing, Deborah!

  2. living life photographically! that sounds terrific!

    thanks so much for your sweet comment about my crochet work. I love carrying on the vintage / old fashioned traditions of yesteryear! and I'm thankful that my mother taught me all her designs from Italy!

    I love this Jack Johnson song...I don't want to leave your blog until the song is over! lol

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  3. that's really cool, that you just asked and your request was granted, who would have thought?
    thanks..i learned something new today!