Tuesday, February 8, 2011

carry on

i'm packing.

i'm going nowhere.

big red leaves for a few days. i ususally pack for him. i like to know he has everything he needs when he's away. it's what i do. and he fills my van with gas and wiper fluid. it's what he does. it's the give and take.

i like to pack. i'm an over-packer. totally. red likes a carry-on only. checked bags? nope. he won't do it. he is so much the george clooney character in
"up in the air" when he's at the airport. he has the routine down. slip shoes off, toiletries precisely packaged, pockets emptied. by the way, did you see that movie? i loved that movie.

i want to learn to pack light. or lighter. that the option of picking up and taking off could be mine too.

where would i go? i asked r that question this morning. he had a three-way tie. italy, japan and australia. could i do that with just a carry-on? hmmm.....where would you go?



  1. that is so sweet...
    i have a problem packing light, too, and i end up packing until the moment we leave no matter how much planning i do. i'm the one who's up in the wee hours before any trips. glad to know i'm not the only one who has trouble packing light.

    btw - love the header of the blog. LOVE and kisses :)

  2. Save travels to Red...

    I am a homebody. Obsessing already about packing for a trip in mid-March. I do only take carry-ons now, but I have to repack like eight to nine times before I finally get it right.

    As always, for me, it is all about the SHOES! :) They are my demise...Curses!

  3. Totally an over-packer here, too!

    Where would I go? To Ethiopia. Beautiful land, and beautiful people. And then to California. Warm, sunny, ocean. Ahhhh.

    Thanks for the comment on my post....and you know what? I really should have included your blog in my list of blogs that lift me up and connect me. Your posts always inspire me in the way they say *so* much in so few words.

    Happy Wednesday. :)

  4. The hardest thing
    about packing light
    for me is all the
    STUFF that I now need
    to take care of ME : )
    The lotions, the creams,
    the special hair goop,
    SIGH!! Love how you
    and BR show each other
    your love...it IS the
    little things, isn't it??
    xx Suzanne

  5. He Deborah
    I usually pack for my hubby, he is over packer and I an light packer..(lol) Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Julie xx

  6. Paris! I would always go to Paris! Next would be back to Wales. We were on a 3 month assignment there when my kids were little (husband's job). It was so peaceful, cozy and brilliantly green. I would love to pack and go there, too.