Monday, February 7, 2011

super traditions

big day around here yesterday. football. the superbowl.

b says it's his 4th or 5th favorite day of the year. and if the superbowl was held during the summer--it would be his 3rd favorite, no problem.

big red and i? we are not big football fans. but, we are big fans of our boys. if they're happy? we're pretty happy too.

many years, red was traveling for business on superbowl sunday. many times he was in fact, on an airplane.

so the boys and i began our own traditions. they choose the dinner menu (this year--pizza, take-out) and they can eat in front of the television (eek). three of us thought the packers would win. three of us were right. we were a house divided--split between cheering for both teams.

r constructed lego logos, or lego nameplates.

the special snack around here, isn't guacamole or chicken wings. it's ice cream--superbowl ice cream, right out of the carton--haagen dazs, strawberry. this is how i serve it up.
it's the only day of the year we do this. and now it's tradition.


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  1. Sounds like the greatest day! The three of us watched the whole game, too. Pretty fun stuff. Loved catching up on all your happenings and LOVE the new photo at the top of your blog here. Awesome. All of it. You rock, writer friend! I've been knee deep in website changes. You know me, not the "techy type" but I think I muddled through and pretty happy with the outcome. Wanted to match my blog a bit better. Take a peek when you get a sec, OK? I need an artist's eye...