Monday, April 11, 2011


red and i ate our way through a long weekend--a weekend that was just the two of us. and a lot of food.

i'm sick about a little late, i know.

it was a lot of eating. it was all good. very good. scrummy good.

we had sushi and aglio e aioli, general tso's chicken, veggie pizza and bread pudding. not all at once. that would have been ridiculous.

the aglio e aioli at the french laundry was it's an italian spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, italian sausage, capers, white wine, tomatoes, and spinach. it's not your average red sauce spaghetti, it definitely has a mediterranean flavor. (my grandma always described spaghetti as *italian*--that still makes me smile whenever i hear or see that)

it was a plate of salty and savory, comfort and freshness.

so, i still have to cook for the rest of my gang tonight but, this momma? this momma is dinner.

love and light and a small salad

p.s. this is the french laundry in fenton, michigan--not the one in napa. i did not bring my laundry (not even one of fourteen loads) nor did we eat anything french.


  1. Oh, don't be
    so hard on yourself!
    I was just ENJOYING
    lunch with friends
    today and we all
    agreed, that even if
    it costs an extra five
    pounds, we loooove our
    food {and some of us love
    our wine, too...}!
    I've always wanted to
    eat at the FL....lucky,
    lucky YOU.
    xx Suzanne

  2. I make that kind of pasta at home! It's the best and is more fragrant. Lovely photos here:-)