Monday, April 18, 2011

monday monday

woke up to snow this morning. snow. real snow. in april. on april 18th already. i know. i am so over snow and winter-y winter weather.

next year i'm expecting an eighty degree day in january and call it even. i probably shouldn't hold my breath.


r had a baseball game yesterday. it was windy and cold. i layered that kid up and hoped for the best. he played really well.

my dad had swung his car around so that you could see the whole field. so i sat with my mom in the car. we cheered even though nobody else could hear us. we remained cozy-warm. r said he couldn't feel his hands when the game was over. i offered him a bagel.


i have lots to do this week. spring cleaning still isn't done. it's beginning to seem like a lost cause. whatev.

i have appointments to make and gifts to buy. heck, i have to figure out what gift to buy. what i thought was a good idea--isn't.


i'm participating in B Kind 2 Earth Day. you can join in too. go here. find out more. it's all good.

love and light and embrace the randomness

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