Tuesday, March 8, 2011

why we do the things we do

why we do the things we do. intention.

we do them for some kind of pay-off. now the pay-off may be vastly different from person to person, but there is a pay-off--or we would stop.

so why do you blog, if you blog?

what is your pay-off?

i'll tell you. i started blogging for one reason, or what i thought was one reason. and my reasons now have grown and changed and become much more clear.

originally i wanted to have a place for my customers to view my pieces--paintings and jewelry and handbags. yes, since i've started apples in wonderland, i haven't posted one of those things. i will return to that in time, i'm sure.

however, i wrote a little silly note on facebook a couple years ago. it was the bucket list note that sort of went viral and i realized that several of my 20 things i want to do before kicking the bucket could be done through my blog. really.

so here is my list from 2009.
1. travel the world for one year with my family....and then take a vacation
2. see jack johnson in concert in hawaii....and then a luau
3. summer in a cottage on lake michigan with all my favorite people....just relaxing, collecting stones, eating well, drinking wine and having a ball
4. write a book of essays about my grandparents for my boys
5. learn to make pottery
6. dance with big red at his 25th birthday party
7. enjoy my boys as men and see them happy in their lives
8. raise a barn with red....a creative space for art and music and great shin-digs
9. give with a warm hand
10. paint abstract landscapes on canvas too big to fit in my van
Original acrylic on canvas. 30" x40"

11. sleep in a thatched hut in tahiti over the water....enjoy the sunset and a fruity cocktails with red
12. travel italy, spain and greece with people that enjoy good food, any wine and lots of laughs
13. road trip across the US during the summer....in search of the best pie
14. be a paint chip namer, food critic or pajama tester
15. get paid for what i would do anyway....express my opinion on everything
16. design clothes and jewelry for my own label....indigo jones studio
17. do a summer of traveling art fairs
18. interview everyday people about the stuff i REALLY want to know
19. not be allergic to kitties and start with two....they always lead to more
20. my friends and family to know, really KNOW how much i love and treasure them

i'll break it down.

i want to write a book of essays about my grandparents for my boys. i want to get paid for what i would do anyway....express my opinion on everything. i want to interview everyday people about the stuff i REALLY want to know. and i want my friends and family to know, really KNOW how much i love and treasure them.

so this is why i blog. this is why i do what i do. why do you do what you do? i really want to know.:)

intentional love and light


  1. Deborah I adore your new site!! Your list is wonderful!! I can see you have a wanderlust for travel.

    Blogging is for me a way to reach out and to give back. I have made friends around the world who have really touched my heart.

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!It is truly beautiful!

    Art by Karena

  2. Morning, D!
    I blog because
    for most of my
    life I've wanted
    to be a writer...
    But I was held
    back by the idea
    that I had to write
    the Great American
    Novel. Once I
    found blogs, I realized
    this could be a great
    way to write all the time.
    And, a book may still
    be in my future, when
    the time is right.
    Great list!!!
    xx Suzanne

  3. What a fantastic post! I could steal your bucket list, put my name on it (I'd have to change "Red" for "Sam" or there could be some problems), and it would suit me just fine. Oh, and I love your banner, you cute thang, you. :)

  4. I love seeing these lists of what people want to accomplish. It helps to understand my own personal aspirations. If you asked me yesterday what I want to accomplish, it would be different from today. Yesterday, I was feeling hopeful and rather elated as I submitted 4 photos to FoodGawker to see if they would be accepted. Today, after seeing 4 e-mails of rejection I am looking at my camera with a new skeptical eye. I am NOT technical in any way, shape, or form. So, how do I improve my photography without getting technical? That is today's new and puzzling question!!

  5. Wow! That could very well be my list as well. We are SO similar! I blog {and I have many} because #1. I love to write. #2. I am usually obsessed with the topic. #3. I can share cool information, resources and content to HELP others learn and help others in general.

    LOVE the new pic too & love you - always!

  6. Great list Deborah...very thoughtful and I have a feeling you will do them all!

    Why do I blog...that is right up there with why I have so many!

    Friendship, meeting people, sharing ideas, a space for my photography, a place to drop in a few words but most importantly, to meet people like you!

    Best wishes Deborah and Happy International Women's Day!!

    Jeanne xx

  7. For me, it started out as a way to just express my thoughts and keep from exploding, but after a few people had told me that I should write a book, its now become a sort of starting point for me. Maybe something will come of this, maybe not, but in the meantime, I'm still able to vent and make people laugh while doing it.

  8. i blog to document our lives. i don't scrapbook, i'm horrible about printing and archiving pictures. i started blogging to connect with other mothers of children with special needs. then, it kind of evolved as my outlet to write, share, whine, celebrate. i don't want advertisements, or jobs, or handouts. i read you comment over at 'get it girl style'. it resonated with me. i've been struggling with my blog life. whether to hang up my hat or keep going. i've fallen into a pretty crappy 'trap' with certain bloggers. i don't want to burn bridges, but i feel like they view me as something i'm not. it's a tough situation. i hope you keep blogging. i'm horrible at reciprocating comments. i think because i don't NEED comments on my own blog. but, i've come to learn that is nice to know you're not alone, or even just to say hello, 'i like what you're doing'.

  9. great post...and thanks for commenting on my BLOGGING NOW POST. Means alot. I blog because I love fashion and decor...and I love that I can express and share it with the world. plain and simple.