Monday, March 28, 2011


is it happening where you are, too?

are you seeing new growth,
fresh young greens,
and buds while you are coming and going?

spring is showing up a little more everyday.

it seems a long time coming.

i still, am sort of amazed that this happens every year.

that the grass begins to green,
that the buds begin to bloom
and that new growth happens....when we are just busy carrying on about our days.

it is happening.

whether you take a moment or two to notice what is happening outside where you are or not. nature carries on.


  1. I love the pictures- especially the grass coming through. Absolutely beautiful.

    Too bad over here in SoCal every day seems the same. I'm not seeing any real signs of spring yet. Very sad.

  2. I love spring and your pictures are awesome!