Monday, March 14, 2011

it's the little things.....

i did nothing constructive on saturday.


i watched many, many hours of the tragedy in japan. and my heart broke.

yours too?

on sunday, i made those scones again.

i took a long shower and had yummy coffee.

red and i had a sunday afternoon date--sleeping around town.

and yes, i did tell red he looked like he was posing for a coffin. ew.

i might have fallen deeply in love with a $10,000 mattress.

i 'm wondering what else that $10,000 mattress does? i bet red does too. we didn't buy it. we have more beds to jump on before deciding.

so i asked red after dinner if he'd drop me off at the furniture store for the night. i would guess i'd sleep like a baby. but, instead i slept in our regular bed. the bed i call my shallow grave--the springs, now depressed like a shallow hole.

and then i turned on the television and thought about how so many people would give anything to sleep on my regular bed with loved ones nearby, the option of a long shower, hot coffee and fresh scones. it's the little things....and it's everything.

love and light and peaceful sleep


  1. Deborah, you got that right. There's nothing like the terrible misfortunes of others to put our piddling complaints into perspective. But I do hope you find the perfect mattress. It's a hard decision to make.

  2. Greg was away last week. I slept on his side of the mattress, in the indentation his body's made in it over the course of many nights. It was oddly comforting.

  3. hi deborah,

    yes we were glued watching the tragedy in Japan too. it's sort of consuming, you're right. and does give a new perspective in general life issues but i think red looks so relaxed laying there. makes me crave a nap right now. cheers to the little things and thanks a bunch for your visit! ♥