Monday, March 21, 2011

lost and found week end

the week ends.

the weekend,

those precious two days sandwiched between the scheduled week.

it was a hard week. nothing catastrophic. but some significant losses.

those stories aren't mine to tell. but, they sting just the same.

my folks wanted to have the boys with them this weekend--leaving big red and i with a completely open two days.

letting the days unfold as they do. allowing us to loose ourselves in conversations and detours--

we spent some time watching movies,

wandering downtown ann arbor,

eating murgh hyderbadi and murgh makhani at our favorite indian restaurant,

perusing bookstores,

talking for hours and hours over french pressed coffee and fresh bagels

and just doing the things you do when you find yourself open for the opportunities.

love and light and found treasures


  1. I'm so jealous! Sounds like a fabbie weekend! It makes me wonder what Andy and I would do with a whole two days to ourselves? It's been ten years since that happened! Love the "this is the life" sign. And the Indian food, oh god yes, the food. That's what we'd do! We'd eat!!

  2. Ok, how funny I know that store Found just because of a friend. I so wish I could go shop there! I love the "This is the Life" print!

    I always knew we were like two peas in a pod! Funny how we do similar things. My husband and son were in Michigan Boar hunting (barf) this past week! Actually the meat isn't bad just not ready for the heads to come. I told my husband not anywhere on the main floor!

    The striped lampshade I painted. I couldn't find anything I liked so I just grabbed a paintbrush and some black paint. The stripes are not perfect but it turned out the way I wanted. I found the hands at two different antique stores. The large one for 20 and small one for 7! They have more if you want some!

    Oh, I adore Indian food! I had to wipe up the keyboard I was drooling a little too much. And our typical date is Indian food, movie and bookstore!

    Seriously scary when the teacher thinks the kid is not in school and you know you sent him. What a space cadet!


  3. Deborah,
    What a wonderfully creative way to document a beautiful couple of days...I also LOVE your new photo in the header. So glad to be home with my good old WiFi and laptop to see all that you have been up to this past week while I was away. I missed you!

  4. P.S. Promise to let you in on the big laugh soon. Notice the birds on the Underwired Magazine cover and also the irony of my own name. It is one big messy and metaphorically(word?)feathery Circle!
    I will post it later,

  5. OOH....Now I
    want to go to
    Ann Arbor, too!
    My hubby goes to
    MI on business
    fairly often, but
    my duties at home
    don't allow me to
    accompany him : (
    way too soon...!
    xx Suzanne

  6. ah, these are precious days to cherish! how lucky you are to have parents to take your kids for the weekend -- sounds like you really enjoyed every last scrap of that alone time ;-)

  7. Where is that wonderful studio with all the books and the Coca Cola work table? I want to go there!

  8. I really like the Coffee and Bagels picture!