Tuesday, March 15, 2011

coaching, focusing and editing....or this is the post where i try to make sense of random things....

i'm smitten with picnik--the photo editing site. i haven't even joined, so much that you can do for free. i can fiddle away hours playing with text and saturation, exposure and frames.

last night was r's basketball year-end get-together at the local dairy queen. the boys were their usual silly, adorable spunky selves. 10 and 11 year old boys.

we've always been especially thankful for the men--in our case, all men that have stepped up to coach our boys in sports. i would love to do it, red would love to do it. only one little itty-bitty problem. we aren't sporty. we learn the sports our boys are wild about as they are playing. makes for fun side-lines, but not so helpful coaches. so here we were again, thankful for coach gary for being who we needed--being the person we cannot be--for our son and for the other boys on this team.

it is always a treat to hear a coach say a few kind and helpful words to young people. i only teared up a teeny-tiny bit.

as we stepped outside, the sky was still all soft and whisper-y--a glow in shades of blue, lavender, pink and orange.

by the time we arrived home and i high-tailed it to the backyard this is what it looked like.

if you are in the states, there seems to be a good chance your sky last night was similarly beautiful. my facebook homepage was streaming with photos from all over--all sunsets.

i wondered what i could possibly change on this picture of the sky on picnik. nothing. it seems it was already perfectly altered.

love and good lighting


  1. that last foto is quite stunning. and your thoughts about coaching brings back memories from when my husband coached our son's baseball team - some time ago!

    visiting via collage of life - what a lovely blog -great music too!

  2. I got a few
    of those shots
    this winter in
    the bitter early
    hours while the
    kids waited for
    the bus. No,
    nothing could
    improve on that
    shot!!! Cute pics
    of the boys. I
    love picnik, too!
    xx Suzanne