Friday, March 18, 2011

just so you know

just so you know, the pictures to this post are from our last big snowfall. i should have posted them with some story about sledding. but, i didn't.

just so you know.

last night at dinner r had a difficult time keeping his loose tooth in his mouth. it kept squirrelin' out. his brother--patient as can be (sarcasm) says, "yank it already. it's gross." just three or so more bites and it fell onto r's lap, anyway.

r has admitted that he hasn't believed in santa claus for some time--he said 5 years. i think he hasn't believed in one or two years. so, he says as he gets up from the table to go look at his mouth, "i hope the tooth fairy comes tonight, because i lost that other tooth last week and it's been under my pillow ever since".

red shoots me a look.
i shoot it right back.
then b shoots me the look.

why me? (even though i know)
and in hushed tones, we discuss that he doesn't believe in santa claus.

but this is the tooth fairy. a completely different animal? i don't know.
this is what i DO know.
1. my boys do not believe in santa
2. that the responsibility of teeth are mine
3. that my boys like money

r comes down this morning--"geez, the tooth fairy is crazy. she didn't take my teeth and left me five bucks on the floor."


under my breath, i say, "she's doing her best and you only got five bucks because that's all i had--had i remembered yesterday? you would have got a twenty". that made me smile, just so you know.

love and light, just so you know


  1. Loved this one. Are you sure that is R? ;-) Loose tooth grosses Matt out-he cannot stand them wiggling around. This is the same man that has almost removed his hand-not gross...but a loose tooth...ewwwww. Tough guy.

  2. The poor, overworked tooth fairy! She gets no respect! The rates for teeth have gone up, too! I would have left foreign money. I think we have some Chinese currency. Nice pictures, BTW.

  3. I can so relate
    to this post.
    A little too
    much!! The tooth
    fairy just gets
    a bit worn out,
    from time to time : )
    Got to love our
    xx Suzanne

  4. what a cute story - brings back memories of mine when they were little. i used to stockpile gifties to keep on hand (hidden of course) for ongoing loss of little teeth.....

    thanks for your comment over at my place..... ;-)

  5. cute! great snapshot into the have great style :)

  6. adorable.
    i love your new site header. it has attitude :)
    my 10yo is iffy about the tooth fairy, too.
    one time he witheld his tooth and refused to give it to the tooth fairy because it was so painfully loose for the longest time..
    and i've messed up leaving $$ but forgetting to take the tooth.
    kids are adorable - and you have a sweet way of sharing them.
    have a great weekend :)