Thursday, June 23, 2011

i swear i have stuff to tell you

i have all kinds of stuff to tell you and pictures to show you....but blogger is giving me attitude.

no editing. no copying and pasting. all photos exactly where i don't want them.

i'm in no mood for it. i have other stuff to think (read worry) about. b is driving with an instructor--right this moment.

i'm thinking about buying a driver's ed car--so that i can have a passenger brake and steering option. i'm mostly kidding. mostly.

or can i just pimp my ride? my 10 year old mini-van? that would be sweet, no? :)

alright, that's all i have until i arm-wrestle blogger into submission. i'll try again later. i have a story about baseball and poorly behaved adults. i have a story about what i'm reading, i have a story about setting boundaries and i have a story about snakes. oh, and i am sharing recipes for summer salads.

love and light and attitude

Thursday, June 16, 2011

strawberry legacy

in michigan, strawberry season is just about the time school gets out for summer.

when i was a little girl, my grandparents would go strawberry picking about the middle of june. they picked a lot. trays full--for jam and preserves. and for shortcakes.

on the last day of school, my grands would come over to my house and we'd have homemade strawberry shortcakes. nothing fancy. bisquick shortcakes, very rustic style, marinated strawberries and whipped cream.
to this day, this summer in a bowl dessert makes me think of my favorite things: my grands, summer vacation, and well....strawberries, shortcakes and whipped cream. seriously, what's not to love, right?

so every year, i in turn make strawberry shortcakes for the last day of school celebration around here. this year, the boys had friends over to eat it up with us. and they did. they ate until it was GONE. in about 4 minutes.

hello summa!!!!

love and light and summer in a bowl

145,000 children

This Father's Day weekend (June 18 and 19), 50 cents from each Wendy's Frosty purchase will be donated to to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption(DTFA, Money raised helps kids in foster care find permanent loving homes.
Dave Thomas and I were both adopted. Though, my time in foster care was very short, as i was put up for adoption at birth and placed into my forever family within weeks.

There are over 145,000 children in the foster care system in North America, today.

So if you are thinking about a little sweet this weekend, maybe a Frosty would be just the ticket. You might want to pick one up for dad, too.

love and light and care


disclosure:i worked with wendy's and and have received compensation for my participation. all opinions within this post are mine.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

intentional summer

our intentions for fun this summer.

we completed it.

well, three of us completed it. one of us, had better things to do. whatev.

but, we've left lots of room for the unexpected.

for fun.
for silliness.
and for the stuff that just has to get done. but, i'm not making a list for that.

that's not unexpected, or fun or silly. that bums me out.

i'm looking forward to doing most of this list. i am not looking forward to a couple of things on this list. aw, but there is something for everyone. i do love that.

love and light and making the most of it

Monday, June 13, 2011

class is in session

i sat in the van, that was parked safely in the garage and tried to teach b how to drive.

b likes to mess with me. a lot. like all the time. he's my button-pusher.

then, the next day, i put my camera away and took him to a neighborhood to drive. for reals. this is a neighborhood with few houses. even less cars and it seems like no people. of course, there were cars and people and mailboxes and not a straight road in the place.

i panicked a few times. yelled once or twice. i think i swore out loud. and i could feel my heart in my stomach, head and neck. pulsing. hard.

to make matters worse, some goof-ball was lighting fireworks off in his yard, just as we whizzed by at about 7 mph.

when we returned home i looked up *how to teach someone to drive* on google. this is what i read.
If possible, leave your teen's first on-the-road experiences to the care of a professional. Many a nasty accident has occurred because an inexperienced beginner was allowed to get into a situation that was too much to cope with. A miscalculation in speed, a sudden change in traffic conditions, or an awkward combination of circumstances could lead to disaster. The professionals are used to anticipating such problems-and they have the advantage of dual controls. Your task as co-driver is to back up the work of the professionals with well-planned and coordinated practice

i knew it.

i am a mom.
i am a pretty good cook.
i am a pretty good psychologist.
i am a pretty good nurse.
i am a pretty good barber.
i am a pretty good math teacher.
i am a pretty good referee.
i am a pretty good accountant.

i am a lousy driving instructor.

that's all. class dismissed.

love and light and I SAID BRAKE

p.s. this morning as we were dropping off my son's friend (after the official first day of driver's ed), someone did a bit of a lawn job while pulling out of the friend's driveway. it happens to the best of us right? yeah. i was driving. awesome.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

intentional summer

our intentions for fun this summer.

we completed it.

well, three of us completed it. one of us, had better things to do. whatev.

but, we've left lots of room for the unexpected.
for fun.
for silliness.
and for the stuff that just has to get done. but, i'm not making a list for that.

that's not unexpected, or fun or silly. that bums me out.

i'm looking forward to doing most of this list. i am not looking forward to a couple of things on this list. aw, but there is something for everyone. i do love that.

love and light and making the most of it

Thursday, June 9, 2011

and the livin' is easy

it is almost summer. almost. tomorrow is the last day of school around here--that's my measurement.

i still love summer vacation. love it. love my boys being on our family schedule--as goofy as that is, sometimes.

every last day of school we make a list--and i'm not much of a list maker. but, we(all four of us) make a list of all the things we'd like to do,see,visit,learn, make,try and experience over the short michigan summer.

we started the summer list because as b was ending the school year in 2000, i had just given birth to his new baby brother and i was hoping a list of things from b would help me stay balanced and attuned to both kids--little and itty-bitty. the early baby days of nursing and bathing, napping and burping slip away too quickly and i wanted to make the most of summer for b too. admittedly, i was afraid balancing the needs of two kids would be near impossible. the summer list eased this worry. we did fine, if i remember correctly.

so tomorrow, we'll make our list and do a few other things to celebrate the end of another successful school year. i'll post our list next week. in the meantime, what do you most want to do, see, visit, make, try and experience this summer?

love and light and summmertime

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i did it. i really did it. i did it this time.

i've need to call the place down the road that teaches driver's education.

i know i needed to. i've needed to for quite some time.

not for me. for this little guy.

alright, that's an old picture. but, in my mind he will always be a little like that.
even though he is much more like this.

i linked everything i could to the driving.
not a perfect grade = no driving school.
forget to put your bike away properly = no driving school.
leaving backpack in the middle of the hallway = no driving school.
not wearing his retainer = no driving school.

truly, no rhyme or reason.

but our son has been patient. i mean REALLY--break out the capital letters, PATIENT.

let me just say--i know it is not his issue.

it's mine. all mine.

and the issue isn't really driving.

it's control.

and i realize that my fear, anxiety and worry is that i cannot control what happens to my children, my growing young man in this world.

i am happiest and most at ease when i know that all my people are safe at home. unfortunately, my people aren't so accommodating to being tucked in at home all the time.

there was a time that i thought that i feared my child driving. i have no reason to think b isn't ready. i have no reason to think he will be a bad or careless driver. and then i realized, my dad was driving the day he was hit head-on and he is an excellent driver. he did what he could to avoid being hit and probably saved my mom in the process, but he was hit. he could not control the person in the other car.

we cannot control the actions of someone else.

let me say that again (mostly for myself)--we cannot control the actions of someone else.

but we can control some things. things like preparing ourselves and our children through education and example. we can give them an advantage, by offering skills and knowledge. by giving them boundaries, so at least they know when they've crossed them.

so last week, i called b over and asked him to look over the registration. i had signed him up.

after a few minutes, b says, "hit the *send* button, mom"

it's a big step for me. and for my son.

now, i might need to throw-up. but, i'm prepared.

love and light and big steps

Thursday, June 2, 2011

what's the ball count?

we've been celebrating a birthday around here, this week. celebrating our youngest son.

which also means, i've been baking like a fool.

yes, i mean that literally--like a fool.

i baked two 9 inch rounds for a traditional two layer birthday cake. (i don't really like cake and i really don't like sheet cakes....sheet cakes are not festive, in my mind)

that being said, i should have baked a sheet cake.

i let the cakes cool and then began frosting them. the rounded top required a lot more frosting than i had originally figured. all frosted, i carefully covered the cake with the glass dome. i could decorate with swirly lettering after i had cut up two cantalopes and four pounds of strawberries.

this is what i found. has nothing on me.

so, then i baked two dozen cupcakes, because i really couldn't put candles in that cake. it would be overkill, right?

then yesterday i made another 48 cupcakes for our little guy's class. and now today i am baking another 48 cupcakes for his baseball team and their families.

oh, and all those little cupcakes are decorated to look like baseballs....if you do the math (i'll save you the trouble) that makes 120 baseball cupcakes.

um, i thought i didn't bake.

oh. yeah. i don't bake WELL.

that's all i've got....i hear the timer going off. sheesh, i hope it's the timer and not the fire alarm.

love and light and cake

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

quote for wednesday

"be kind and merciful. let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier." -- mother teresa

love and light and refreshing rains

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


r's been wanting a rubik's cube for weeks now.

do you remember them?

the package said it was the 30th anniversary edition.


holy. moly.

that can't be right. can it?

over the weekend, he received one. he can get one side all the same color. and it did come with the solution. however, r is certain if we give him just one more hour he'll have it figured out.


i love that confidence.

but, now i'm really puzzled.

this is what i came across this morning when i went to open all the blinds and drapes.

if i come back up here and true has it all figured out--expect to see us on the evening news. er, well....the evening news is a little 30 years ago. expect to see us on

love and light and confidence

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

making decisions

i want to begin by thanking all of you that sent brandie some virtual ((((hugs)))) and support. truly. thank you. brandie's surgery went well and she is recovering--now at home.

so i put it *out there* that i am considering breaking-up with my blog.

it's not's me.

i'm considering.

thank you to those of you that left a comment or sent an e-mail to not shut down the blog. i still am not sure what i'm going to do. it's either i step it up or shut it down. i know. i can be a little contradictory. it happens. i do that, sometimes.

my intention was really never to be a blogger.
i swear.

originally, i wanted to post pics of my art. (that, like almost never happens.)

i don't consider myself a all.
i consider myself someone that loves to tell stories and hear stories and read stories and share what i know and learn from other people. somehow, that led me to blogging.

it seems that so much of what would make great blog posts (in my mind) aren't my stories to tell. we have a teenager. our conversations and what is going through my mind daily....sometimes hourly would make amazing blog posts. but, shockingly--16 year old boy-men, don't want their mommas sharing with the world all their business. i know--the injustice, right?

there is other stuff too. but the young man stuff is blog worthy. so, i'm trying to figure that out. actually, it's not so much the *young man* stuff--but, the momma of a young man stuff. this is the stuff life is made of--the messy and interesting, the funny and dramatic, the scary and courageous stuff. i can feel myself stretching and growing everyday. some days, i rock mothering. some days--i'm an epic fail. (of course, we do not say *epic fail*'s overused--says one 16 year old, that shares our home)

i thought i would still be teaching my son at this time in his life. i suppose i am. but, i really had no idea i would be the student most days. i love this boy more than my heart can take sometimes. sometimes, i'd just like to hold him tight tight tight. those are usually the days when i need to let him loose a little more.

so now that is leading me to some new decisions--directions that i have to decide how to follow. but, i'm getting good at leading from behind, anyway.

love and light and good decisions

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hey, friend

well hello there.

i was considering shutting down this blog. i'm considering a lot of things.

but today, i am mostly thinking about my friend. i've never met her in person but, have known her for over two years. we became friends over hundreds of chats and conversations as editors for

this is brandie.

today, she is undergoing a bilateral mastectomy. and i am here--in michigan and she's in chicago.

the internet has a way of bringing people together that would not likely meet otherwise. i love that. but some days, i wish i could be there in person.

it isn't my story to tell, it's hers and she writes at a journey of 1000 stitches.
it would be SA-WEET if you showed up there and gave her more support. a virtual hug isn't exactly like a physical hug....but it's something. and some days, you feel like you need to be able to do something, you know?

love and light and ((((hugs))))

Thursday, April 28, 2011

cheerio love

funny how things line up.

i borrowed a copy of elizabeth gilbert's most recent book, her follow-up to "eat pray love"--"committed". i'm about half-way through. it's about marriage--about getting and staying, about avoiding and considering; it's about the history of marriage, both recent and long ago. fascinated and curious, i am.

we really didn't know a lick of anything when we married (big red and i). it's a statistical miracle we are still married. we didn't have a whole lot going for us. under 30, both took on new jobs just before getting hitched, not much money, red was still going to school and a honeymoon baby. but here we are--still together.

tomorrow is the big wedding in the u.k.--or haven't you heard. ;)
i'm not that interested, but i need to be home a good part of the day tomorrow to finish up a project. so i'll probably catch highlights.

i watched back in 1981 when charles married diana. and like many young girls, i secretly wished to be a princess like that. that amazes me now. why? why? why? probably because i didn't understand a lick about marriage. it was still all fairytales and butterflies, in my thoughts then.

it's alright though, as it appears i am not really royality-friendly.

i am, however taking last minute reservations for the nuptials. in honor of william and kate's upcoming wedding...
your royal wedding guest name - start with either lord or lady. your first name is one of your grandparents’ names. your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barreled with the name of the street you grew up on.

love and light and cheerio
lady dorothy sage of park

Friday, April 22, 2011

a way of being

happy earth day!!!!

i partnered with jack johnson for this little message.

well, sort of.

i totally agree with him.

and he might be my boyfriend.

and he doesn't know about that either. (but big red knows and he's totally alright with it. he's so evolved) you can watch jack here.

we aren't brand new to this bandwagon. we do our part. little things everyday. you probably do too. is there something else you could do to be kind to the earth today and tomorrow. a new habit--a way of being?

i'm promising to carry the reusable bags into the store. i'm making it a bigger priority than i have in the past.

we were hoping to walk a local park today but it's raining and two people in this house are under the weather already.

i'll check out B Kind 2 Earth Day's facebook page. you can too. but there are other things we could do. what if, all at once, we all took a bigger step to care for our collective world. what if we all voted with our time, energy and money to people and causes, politicans and goods that represented our love for this earth we are all living on. can you imagine?

love and light all at once

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

once upon a time, long ago....

the snow melted and we're back to normal mid-april weather in michigan. big storms heading our way tonight.

over dinner i told r that on may 9, 1923 michigan received 6 inches of snow. (my point being that we could potentially get quite a bit of snow that late in the season) r says, "how did you remember that?" oh lordy. i don't remember that--as i wasn't born....but i did see it on the news earlier in the day.

that reminds me of when b was a wee-little and asked my mom if there were trees when she was a kid.

man, i love those moments. i love when funny things come out of people's mouths. whether, on accident or *by purpose*--another one of b's sayings from when he was small.

makes me wish i had wrote down all those funny moments--to relive them again and again.

are there stories in your family that you all tell again and again? i'd love to hear them. i'm a new audience.

nobody in my family wants to hear the story of how i was almost killed by a trout.... again. it's a good story. i am the hero. my family are all the bad guys. maybe that's why nobody wants to go over that one again. ;)

love and light and good stories

Monday, April 18, 2011

monday monday

woke up to snow this morning. snow. real snow. in april. on april 18th already. i know. i am so over snow and winter-y winter weather.

next year i'm expecting an eighty degree day in january and call it even. i probably shouldn't hold my breath.


r had a baseball game yesterday. it was windy and cold. i layered that kid up and hoped for the best. he played really well.

my dad had swung his car around so that you could see the whole field. so i sat with my mom in the car. we cheered even though nobody else could hear us. we remained cozy-warm. r said he couldn't feel his hands when the game was over. i offered him a bagel.


i have lots to do this week. spring cleaning still isn't done. it's beginning to seem like a lost cause. whatev.

i have appointments to make and gifts to buy. heck, i have to figure out what gift to buy. what i thought was a good idea--isn't.


i'm participating in B Kind 2 Earth Day. you can join in too. go here. find out more. it's all good.

love and light and embrace the randomness

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

quote for wednesday

"Choose to align yourself with people who are like-minded in their search for simplified inspiration. Give those who find fault or who are confrontational a silent blessing and remove yourself from their energy as quickly as possible. Your life is simplified enormously when you don’t have to defend yourself to anyone, and when you receive support rather than criticism." - dr. wayne dyer

love and light and alignment

Monday, April 11, 2011


red and i ate our way through a long weekend--a weekend that was just the two of us. and a lot of food.

i'm sick about a little late, i know.

it was a lot of eating. it was all good. very good. scrummy good.

we had sushi and aglio e aioli, general tso's chicken, veggie pizza and bread pudding. not all at once. that would have been ridiculous.

the aglio e aioli at the french laundry was it's an italian spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, italian sausage, capers, white wine, tomatoes, and spinach. it's not your average red sauce spaghetti, it definitely has a mediterranean flavor. (my grandma always described spaghetti as *italian*--that still makes me smile whenever i hear or see that)

it was a plate of salty and savory, comfort and freshness.

so, i still have to cook for the rest of my gang tonight but, this momma? this momma is dinner.

love and light and a small salad

p.s. this is the french laundry in fenton, michigan--not the one in napa. i did not bring my laundry (not even one of fourteen loads) nor did we eat anything french.

Friday, April 8, 2011

roughing it....r-style

5th grade camp was last week.

r is our 5th grader.

big red took the week off and went along to chaperone.

big red loves camp. he went to 5th grade camp several years ago with our oldest and didn't want to miss out camping with r this year.

i over-packed for them. it's what i do.

they had a ball.

b and i met up with them one night for dinner in the lodge. and i brought nail clippers because i had forgot to do r's nails before camp. r was a bit annoyed with his manicure at camp. can you imagine? whatever.

so left without his momma and in the wild, r built a fire and a shelter.

he held a tarantula and several snakes.

he tried archery.

he went no-handed on the high ropes course. (i have a video of that, but blogger is not allowing it to load)

some times, boys need some time without their mommas.

but r turned up his nose at dinner one night this week. then i found out he voluntarily ate a worm at camp. oh, correction....half a worm. c'mon. are you kidding me?

love and light and bravery to try new things