Thursday, June 16, 2011

strawberry legacy

in michigan, strawberry season is just about the time school gets out for summer.

when i was a little girl, my grandparents would go strawberry picking about the middle of june. they picked a lot. trays full--for jam and preserves. and for shortcakes.

on the last day of school, my grands would come over to my house and we'd have homemade strawberry shortcakes. nothing fancy. bisquick shortcakes, very rustic style, marinated strawberries and whipped cream.
to this day, this summer in a bowl dessert makes me think of my favorite things: my grands, summer vacation, and well....strawberries, shortcakes and whipped cream. seriously, what's not to love, right?

so every year, i in turn make strawberry shortcakes for the last day of school celebration around here. this year, the boys had friends over to eat it up with us. and they did. they ate until it was GONE. in about 4 minutes.

hello summa!!!!

love and light and summer in a bowl


  1. We haven't been yet this year, I'm going to have to get some at the market this weekend, they look incredible!

  2. Looks amazing! Sounds like "Strawberries in Wonderland" for the next couple of weeks...Peace, friend.

  3. I tried leaving
    a comment on your
    current so frustrating
    with Blogger sometimes,
    no?? We've been loving
    our local strawberries,
    too....yum yum!
    xx Suzanne

  4. I'm doing this tonight. You've convinced me.