Wednesday, March 23, 2011

good karma blogging

one of the best things for me about blogging is the conversations, the connections that can be made, if you are up for it--open to it. i love the sharing of thoughts and ideas--that by writing and reading we all find our place, that we know we are not alone and that we belong to something bigger. (phew....i'll step off the soap-box now, keeping it handy--as i like the view from there)

this week i received a note from a dear old friend. alright, she's not old. she's young. we are the same age in my mind--you know how that goes. ;) she wanted the low-down on how to blog. and she asked me. i laughed out loud too.

the thing is, there are many ways to blog or journal.
i only know, my way. the way the works for me.

but, truly i'd love some help on how to do *linky parties*.
alright, i'd like to know what the heck *linky parties* are.

i'd like to do less trial and error--though i rock the error part.

i'd like to know where you all learn how to do stuff on your blog.

collage pictures? i'd like to know.

signing your name in a funky font? i'd like to know.

i'd like to know how to do the fancy stuff.

i'm wingin' it. flying by the seat of my pants. it's how i usually roll.

did you know there are not too many *how to blog* books? i need more blogging books. and i need pictures.

this is the only book that so far has helped me along: "blogging for bliss" by tara frey, it's my blogging bible. or my blogging cliff notes. yep, my blogging cliff notes.

what's helped you....would you share your resources? thanks--know that what comes around, goes around. :)

love and light and good karma


  1. I, like you, have learned by trial an error. On my personal blog I just started messing around with all the button, bells and whistles until I found stuff that I liked.

  2. And... one of the other blogs I subscribe to posted a blog today with some awesome blog tips! Here the link: - The title of the blog is Mommy of a Monster& Twins. Hope it helps!

  3. see? that's what i'm talking about. good stuff to you, the restaurant manager:)

  4. Thanks! Also, thank you for following my blog! I added you to my blogroll as well!

    Take care!

  5. yes that mommy of a monster one is good. I think they have tips on blogher as well. and maybe for the love of blogs. but i've only seen the basics, which is also what i'm looking for so...that makes sense.

  6. I am not an expert by any means, but if you have some questions I may be able to help a little. Mostly I learned that when I have specific questions there is always someone to help and Google is my friend. So many people have helped me that I love paying it forward. My motto is to try things out & have a backup copy of the blog just in case.


  7. BTW, as far as collages you can use picnik for that. It's an online photo site that use can use to create all kinds of different collages.

  8. It's been all trial
    and error for me, D.
    I do know that if you
    have time to search,
    it's all out there,
    but that is one thing
    I constantly lack: TIME!!
    You'll find your way
    to all of these things.
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Sending you hugs
    and prayers for your mom.

  9. thanks everyone. keep the good resources coming. @michelle, i am forever on a picnik;) just haven't figured out the collages. oh, and i totally left out that's a goodie.

  10. This is totally geeky, but it helps that I know a little html and can edit my blog that way. A few times now when there's been something I wanted to achieve, the key has been to go straight to the html to make the change.

  11. Deborah - this site is supposed to be helpful
    Not sure as I've not used it, but it comes highly recommended from others.

    Collage - picasa, or if you use flickr, you can create them on Big Huge Labs here:
    That is where I do mine and I love it =)

    Linky parties can be fun, but also overwhelming too. Especially if you are anal and feel like you have to click every single person's link in the party, even if there 1,134. Ahem. Not that I am ocd like that at all. Or, well, shoot. Busted. I've done it before. It's stressful. Don't be like me ;-)

    Fancy signatures - I would think you just create one (or have it created) as an image and add that image to the bottom of your posts. I know some won't do handwritten ones because of fear of someone lifting your signature off the computer (not that I've ever heard that happen, but alas, enough people are worried that I've heard it repeated). I'm guessing though as I don't do it because I don't want to LOL!

    Cute backgrounds - you can design your own, pay someone to do it, or use places like and get one for free - complete with how to make it work.

    All I learned, I learned by trial and error, or I came across a blog post that talked about it and went - hey! I want to do that too, and I googled how to do it. It's true. Google is my first step in looking something up these days.

    Good luck!

  12. Most of the time I have no idea what I am doing with this blogging thing. I have used this for a signature.
    As of lately I have just been typing my name. I need to get back to this though!

    Hope you get some good tips and then share them with us. There are many of us that kind of fly by the seat of our pants!

    Your poor husband! Driving home with the windows down. I'll bet you still haven't heard the end of that one!


  13. just wanted to say I love your music and your Buddha!

  14. Thanks for this post as everyone's comments have really encouraged me today. I took a little blogging break the last week - just feeling a bit blue - but can't wait to jump back in with both feet now. I feel like a "Template Tilly" whenever I visit your beautiful blog. I just figured you knew exactly what you were doing from day one. Thanks for your honesty. Blog on sister! Peace to you, Robin