Friday, March 4, 2011

flying high

my boy is flying high.

just after his big brother hopped on the bus, the district closed r's school for freezing rain.

he needs some outside time. don't we all.

i'm spending as little time outside as possible. i know, i should just brave it. i wuss out a little more every winter.

this year, i've hit a new low. i am not speaking outside. yes, you read that right. why? my teeth freeze.

r is origami-crazy these days. though, mostly he makes cootie-catchers and airplanes. lots of airplanes.

i find them everywhere. i dodge them as i am making dinner or standing on a chair, rescuing indie off the top of the fridge. my life is at risk all. day. long.

now--to rescue the planes that took some rather precarious landings. and hope that b's bus stays grounded in the ride home.

love and light and clear skies

1 comment:

  1. Most winters I try
    hard to embrace it ~
    snow shoe, cross-country
    ski, etc. but this
    year has been CRAZY
    and I've done none of
    it....And the sad thing
    is, we are almost to
    the four-month anniversary
    of snow on the ground!!
    I remember the paper
    airplane stage for my
    son and the origami one
    for my daughter! Stay
    cozy, my friend!
    xx Suzanne