Wednesday, March 9, 2011

water wonder


not funny--haha.


yesterday i posted a picture of one of my paintings. it's called *good water*. i did it about 2 years ago.

then, i wrote a few drafts for upcoming posts. nothing that i wanted to pursue. so i read some favorite blogs instead.

two in a row, spoke about water--robin's blog andsuzanne's blog.

my mom called to say they wouldn't make it to the boys' hitting practice because my dad was sick. so sick he passed out and now has a black eye. some days i don't know if i worry more about my kids or my parents. i swear they tag-team me.

in speaking with my mom she says her sister's basement flooded yesterday. uh, water again?

so i went back to what i had played around with yesterday in a draft and thought--perhaps i need to post this. this is what i wrote yesterday before all the water words, before i realized our connection.

so i'm thinking about water.

is there enough?

is it clean? is it clean enough?

where does it come from?

do my boys drink enough?

do i?

i think about people who have no water.

i think about thirst.

i like to think about the color of water, large bodies of it.

i like to think of it at the moment it touches the shore.

i think of drops of it, of puddles, of streams and rivers, of ponds and lakes and i sometimes think of the ocean.

i think of the smell of the ocean, the familiar. the briny.

i think of the power of water.

i think of the age of water.

i think of rain and floods and droughts.

i think of water in blood and milk and tears.

and the holiness of it all.

love and light and h2o

ps. we were expecting sleet and snow this morning. nope, just rain. lots and lots of rain.


  1. Beautiful, D ~
    and I love how
    it all comes
    together in your
    post. It IS
    strange sometimes
    when the universe
    seems to be speaking
    RIGHT to US. We
    are receiving
    flurries right now.
    Frozen H2O!!!
    xx Suzanne

  2. I love your new header. You are beautiful! Lovely post, I love your words. Sometimes you can't fight what something is telling you to do! Great post!

    Hope your dad feels better! Your mom can joke that she was made because he didn't take out the garbage so she punched him, lol!


  3. Water! Yes, me too. Wrote about it today too! I LOVE the water photo, how it ripples...nice shot!!

  4. I love love love the water photo, very lovely shot! x

  5. We sound quite similar! Thank you for commenting about my daughter's birthday. Now, I turned right to my 14 year old son and said he will begin practicing as SOON as possible because the process is tooooo stressful. Madeleine did say she wished she practiced driving with someone besides me in the car because she was so nervous of that during the driving test. Hope that helps you! He'll do just fine.

  6. Water ... a very mysterious element, actually ... it's properties are amazing, and it expands when it cools ... go figure. And what a fine pic. Anyway, powerful thoughts about water - some say that in years to come, water will be like oil today. Thanks for sharing ...

  7. Just listening to the news about the tsunami in Japan and thought about this prescient post... "I think of the power of water"....

  8. yes, i am still thinking of water and the power of it....and our connection to all that are hurt or hurting by it's very power, today.

  9. hi debbie.
    i needed to come say hi this morning.
    i love that you were thinking about it too.

    have a great day!

  10. Hi Deborah,

    Thanks so much for connecting your beautiful blog to my own. (I feel about YOU as you do about your friend above), and after the tsunami and I saw the first terrible photos coming out of Japan, I thought of this very conversation of yours and mine about water.

    All connected...we are One in so many, many, mysterious ways.

    Loving you from Ocean to Lake,

  11. "from Ocean to Lake"--i need another pink puffy heart:)