Friday, April 8, 2011

roughing it....r-style

5th grade camp was last week.

r is our 5th grader.

big red took the week off and went along to chaperone.

big red loves camp. he went to 5th grade camp several years ago with our oldest and didn't want to miss out camping with r this year.

i over-packed for them. it's what i do.

they had a ball.

b and i met up with them one night for dinner in the lodge. and i brought nail clippers because i had forgot to do r's nails before camp. r was a bit annoyed with his manicure at camp. can you imagine? whatever.

so left without his momma and in the wild, r built a fire and a shelter.

he held a tarantula and several snakes.

he tried archery.

he went no-handed on the high ropes course. (i have a video of that, but blogger is not allowing it to load)

some times, boys need some time without their mommas.

but r turned up his nose at dinner one night this week. then i found out he voluntarily ate a worm at camp. oh, correction....half a worm. c'mon. are you kidding me?

love and light and bravery to try new things

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  1. Well it looks like they both had a blast! But the worm thing really? I'm not even sure if my fifth grader would eat one! He might get others to eat it but I think he'd rather watch. Now my daughter, it wouldn't surprise me. She is my no fear kid. I kinda think her brother likes to tempt her to do things but wishes he was the one without the fear!

    Cute boy you have there! How fun we both have 5th graders. Hey is your son doing hang seven in math? Just wondered if you are as frustrated with the teaching as I am?

    Have a great weekend!