Tuesday, April 19, 2011

once upon a time, long ago....

the snow melted and we're back to normal mid-april weather in michigan. big storms heading our way tonight.

over dinner i told r that on may 9, 1923 michigan received 6 inches of snow. (my point being that we could potentially get quite a bit of snow that late in the season) r says, "how did you remember that?" oh lordy. i don't remember that--as i wasn't born....but i did see it on the news earlier in the day.

that reminds me of when b was a wee-little and asked my mom if there were trees when she was a kid.

man, i love those moments. i love when funny things come out of people's mouths. whether, on accident or *by purpose*--another one of b's sayings from when he was small.

makes me wish i had wrote down all those funny moments--to relive them again and again.

are there stories in your family that you all tell again and again? i'd love to hear them. i'm a new audience.

nobody in my family wants to hear the story of how i was almost killed by a trout.... again. it's a good story. i am the hero. my family are all the bad guys. maybe that's why nobody wants to go over that one again. ;)

love and light and good stories


  1. My little neighbor friend was showing me her Chinese calendar the other day and she wanted to know which animal went with the year I was born. The calendar she has only goes back about 20 years so when I told her I was born in 1964, she said "Wow! I guess they didn't have any animals that long ago!" Thanks, kid. You totally made my day.... *grumble*

  2. We're in Toledo and I remember one year it snowing on my mid-April birthday and ruining my party. You just never know with the midwest weather.

    I started writing down on my blog the hilarious things that Finn says because I don't want to forget some of the silliness when he is 16 and hates me.

  3. Hey friend!
    I am at the airport
    and had a quick moment
    to visit a few blogs.
    Here's one for ya....
    When my daughter
    was almost three, a
    cute couple asked her
    what her name was.
    They thought it was
    pretty and asked her
    what her middle name
    was. Without missing
    a beat she replied, "Darn
    it.". Not my proudest
    xx Suzanne

  4. So many...my dad is my "herio." The Lord's Prayer, Our father who art in heaven, "you know my name..." The cat going for a ride in a peanut butter can down the steps while yelling wee. The cat lived through it otherwise that one wouldn't be funny. The oldest wasn't allowed to go around the block until she started driving at 16 and then she was driving downtown. So many more.