Thursday, February 17, 2011

crabby mc crabberson

i slept for an hour maybe two last night.

my mind was racing.

why? why does that happen?

i came downstairs this morning to find a half-full glass of orange juice sitting on a shelf in the panty.

somebody's running a little low on vitamin C this morning, i think.

where do you suppose i should look for the milk?

i'm really not up for these games today. and i have no picture for today either.


  1. but you saw the glass as half full :) hope your day gets better!

  2. I've been out of sorts for two days now. Must be something in the air. A too busy week with too many people tugging. Just an fyi for those living in my home...we just finished dinner...I don't want to think about tomorrow night's dinner, let alone cook it. Sorry, just needed to vent a bit. Hope, your day starts to improve...mine, too.

  3. Hi! I just read your comment on Eye Cream and zit-cream on "Collage of Life". At 18 I thought the zits would be gone by 28. And now, at 38, I still deal with them. Youthful hormons, no?! ;-)

  4. Girl, you are
    singing my song.
    This happens to
    me every now and
    then and it's so
    maddening. I
    usually get up and
    read blogs : ) Last
    time it was 3AM!!!
    I ended up going back
    to bed for a couple of
    hours after the kids
    got on the bus. Ugh.
    Hope your day was
    better after this post!
    xx Suzanne

  5. I'm still chuckling over this post. Thanks for enjoying my blog. I have a 14 year old son so I know JUST what you are talking about with the juice glass. We used to live in Midland, Michigan. We both worked for Dow Corning. It was a wonderful state to be in. We loved going "up North" on the weekends to Charlevoix and Petosky.

  6. I smiled at this one Deborah...I woke up at 2:30am last night and thought 'now what?' I contemplated reaching for my iphone but new it would not be well received by my husband. The day is slowly slipping away...the perfect day to check in and say hello :)

    Jeanne xx