Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day

it is still snowing. what do i care? i'm not shoveling. this kind of weather brings out the sexist in me. that is man's work.

big red is shoveling. we have a snowblower--he almost never uses it. he's old school. and he likes the peace and quiet without it.

i'm sending the boys out to help. so much for his peace and quiet.

he might as well fire-up that blower, now.;)

i'm waiting to hear the biggest boy say he cannot find his boots. he says it every snowfall. it's his thing. to not find his snowboots until the drive is mostly or completely cleared. it's a good move.

yet his snowboots are neatly tucked at the base of the basement steps, again. like always.

r was itching to get outside.

he wants to....wait for it....wait for it.

dig a hole.


i've chicken in a big pot. chicken soup for dinner. and salad and scones. i'm hooked on those scones. hooked.

the boys made forts for the kitties and have watched super bowl media hype a good part of the day.
how are you spending this snowy day? or is it balmy and sunny where you are? geez, please don't rub it in.



  1. Beej dug such a huge hole at our old house...underneath a 60' tall blue spruce. We weren't sure what would happen first-the tree would lose it's footing and fall or he would make it to China. Ahhhh, those were great days. These ones are good, too-just such fun to remember.

  2. Haha."snowboots are neatly tucked at the base of the basement steps." Guess that's where they are in all homes that have basements. Perfect location.
    Thank goodness, we are not snowed in today! Yesterday though, I watched as Theresa, who lives with us left for work. She slid down my entire driveway in sneakers on a sheet of ice. She said she never took ONE step! She's a personal trainer so she has impeccable balance. Me? I'd be on my fanny for sure! So I kept my fanny inside! Btw, I never saw you on THe Motherhood yesterday!

  3. I think I'd really really miss snow days in MI if we hadn't had so many down here this year! Just done our first full week of school since the beginning of December....