Thursday, February 10, 2011

burst of sunshine

looking for the sunny this winter in citrus. clementines. little oranges. cuties. whatever you might call them. they are delicious. winter and i cannot get enough of them. nor can my family. we are going through about 3 boxes a week. citrus is in season.
oh my, do i love me some clementines.

buying seasonally saves money and is always the best. if you can get it local? even better. i wish i could eat local clementines.....maybe off a tree in our yard? however, citrus doesn't grow so well in below 0 temps. maybe i should pack up our stuff and move to a warmer and sunnier locale? sounds lovely to me right about now. a girl can dream.

back to reality, a couple clementines peeled carefully is a perfect snack--tasting like a burst of sunshine.



  1. Clementines are Matt's favorites. He insists on calling them Cuties. Obviously, a man that worries about his masculinity.

  2. Yep, I'm in total
    agreement about eating
    seasonally. And I
    think our bodies crave
    citrus in the wintertime
    for a reason!! Okay,
    I'm off to pour myself
    a glass of fresh-squeezed one big indulgence
    from the supermarket!!
    Happy Friday!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Hi! I wish citrus was in season here! Snow everywhere. I'm following you back now from: