Thursday, February 3, 2011

wrestling and tackling

the boys have another snow day. it is not snowing. it is sunny and blue skies are filling my windows. it's really pretty. and really cold.

so, i can hear the boys wrestling in the family room. that will end badly. so, i'm off to encourage them to figure out something else to do. i may encourage chores;)

then, i'm tackling my studio--which is really our extra bedroom that has no bed. it does have nine lifetimes of art and craft supplies.

that room also catches everything that hasn't found a permanent home. alas, that's the problem. so, i'm going in to pick up, throw out, pack away and file neatly. i may need reinforcements. good thing it's a snow day. :)



  1. How did you do?! Shall I put my coat on? And my boots?!!

  2. Good luck on your organizing the craft room. Loved to see when you're all done. Craft stuff around here is never organized for very long. Hope you have a great weekend and that you're not snowed in for too long.