Wednesday, December 29, 2010

all's well that ends well

all's well that ends well....the saying goes.

in the car on christmas eve, over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house is where and when i fixed my camera. alright, *fixed* is a relative term.....but it's working again--just in time:)

so do you ever push buttons? and make things worse? is that your intention? it wasn't mine. yeah, i'm talking about cameras and perhaps, other people. hmmmmm? you know, pushing buttons, stirring the pot.

the boys are off school and big red has the week off. i'm loving it. mostly;) i haven't even had a bit of sniffles in over four years....and wouldn't you know it, i have a full-blown nasty cold this week. this morning, i awoke with the voice of a dude or a 40-year smoker. awesome. red's calling me *madge*. but i have all i need right here, right now....and the cold will disappear in a few days. just here to slow down the pace of the season, which does go all too quickly.



  1. Got your settings all screwed up, did ya? Been there, done that! Now, it's a cake walk to reset. But there was a time.... oh boy, bad memories and missed moments!

  2. Hi Deborah, hope you're feeling better soon. Have a happy new year! I'll be blogging along side of you in 2011!

  3. Hope that yummy soup has helped your throat by now. Bet you sounded more "Demi Moore" than "Madge"...

    So happy about your camera and LOVE your Nativity scene. Bet it has a good story, too.

    Happy New Year, Friend :)