Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what i asked for....

i have a confession: this weekend i made my first turkey dinner--complete with dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy. yep, my very first. ever.

when dreaming about christmas this year and my intentions for the holidays, i realized that i truly have everything i could ever want, materially. perhaps, even more than i really want. new gadgets don't make my skirt fly up or curl my toes in the way they to do for some people. and i have plenty of sweaters. however, what i did want was time with those that mean the very most to me--those relationships and doing things--making memories that will last a lifetime.

so after r's basketball game (which they won in double overtime....phew, that was exciting!!!!) my folks headed back to our house. they were coming to teach and supervise their turkey making recipe and methods (tent-foil steam roasted, just like my grandparents used to do. i swear, my dad looked so much like my grandpa folding the aluminum foil so precisely--very engineer-like). i followed all directions. with hardly any back-talk;) really--you measure the celery and onions? really? this much butta'?

r played board games with my folks and won *legitimately*--says my dad, while big red and i hand-washed the china.

what a fun and sweet and lovely night. we also decorated one gingerbread house and made two kinds of cookies. alright, the cookies were from an envelope mix--because really the fun is in the rolling out, shape making and decorating. well--b says it's in the *eating*.

later we caught the last hour of "it's a wonderful life". and, you know, it really is.



  1. r is just a master board game player. Sounds like a great day! And are we surprised that b thought the eating was the best part? I'm with him.

  2. As they all have been, a wonderfully heartfelt posting...what a special holiday gift...your posting that is!
    Merry Christmas

  3. Congrats on the turkey dinner! Flying co-pilot counts !

  4. I have the most wonderful feeling tears in my eyes right now. I LOVE this post!

  5. Ohhh, that's the best, spending time with the ones we love. Very sweet.

  6. I just stopped by to say hi and happy Christmas Eve and now here I sit with my coffee bawling my eyes out...

    Really (really) love this post, Deborah.