Wednesday, December 8, 2010

our family tree

i changed my header photo. it is from our big christmas tree.

it is so much how i feel at christmas--bright and happy and nostalgic.

that stripe-y ornament is from my grandparent's. not just from them--but from the trees they had each year. i'm pretty sure it is from the 1930's.

the turquoise bulb is straight from my own parent's very groovy silver aluminum tree. that tree had it's own rotating light wheel that would cast red, blue, yellow on the tree--and for a brief few seconds the yellow would become green and the blue would turn all violet before turning red. those turquoise, magenta and purple balls are all circa 1962. i remember sprawling out on the floor staring into that light wheel, while listening to my dad's christmas records on the stereo.
this is probably the last year we had that groovy tree--1972. (it says so on the back of the photo. it also says i am 5 years 4 months) and maybe, the last year my mom had that totally remarkable hair. i can almost smell the "adorn" hairspray. my mom wasn't in many of my childhood photographs. she did most of the picture-taking. well, because as you can see my dad did not count or give us any warning to smile or anything. i think my mom is telling my little sister and i to say....*cheese*. i'm pretty sure my mom doesn't show up again in a photo until the early 1980's. in those days, the self-photograph wasn't so common. but i digress.

and then there are the ones we--big red and i have collected. all together on one tree. traditional christmas--passed from one generation to the next.

i love this family tree of ours.



  1. I LOVE THIS!!! Christmas is about recounting the traditions and memories of Christmases past. And I can't believe how much the room I'm in right now smells like hair spray. How did you do that??

  2. Great shot of the tree! Now can you please tell me HOW you adjust your photo and text in your header??? Everytime I try, I can't seem to place them. Frustrated.

  3. I, too, love this post AND photo!!I have a picture of me at 3 or 4 in front of a metal tree with angels...the metal tree made from an umbrella! AND I have a very similar strip-y ornament from my when my mom was little. Do you remember the photo of my mom at her 70th bday party? She was wearing a long blue and green skirt in front of the tree with blue and green lights, ornaments, and garland. All on top of the green shag carpeting :)

  4. great post and love the photograph! I love keeping tradition alive, too!
    maybe someday we can share some christmas cookie together. you've been a great friend.

  5. I love that photo you made into your header. I was thinking how much I loved the stripe one and then you explained it's history and I love it even more!!!

    And that picture from your childhood is classic. I wondered who bought those aluminum trees back in the day and now I know. Your parents! That photo is a definite keeper!

  6. I lurve that pic of you and your sis with your Mom obviously saying "cheese"! Her hair looks EXACTLY like my mum's did at that time, they could be sisters! Love how you have ornaments from your parents and grandparents. Makes the tree way more special.

  7. Another great post! I always feel so warm and fuzzy after stopping by (and the Jack Johnson music always helps, too!)