Tuesday, November 30, 2010

abundant gratitude

100. 100 things. last but not least. the woman, the book and page that started my gratitude journey.

100. "simple abundance: a daybook of comfort and joy" by sarah ban breathnach.
i love this book. it is a book of days, a return to the basic, simple abundance in our lives. a gift in 1996....and ever since.
january 14th is the page that changed my life. seriously. i've kept a gratitude journal since 1996. that's a long time. part of that time, my journal was typed out--online, part handwritten--in books.

at a women's retreat that year--1996, i led a session on gratitude journals.
this is the journal from that weekend. i know when that retreat was from the journal entries tucked inside. so much has happened in fourteen years.

it's funny, i'm still most grateful for the same things now as I was then--plus another son to love.



  1. I still have mine, too. One of my favorite ones to look at both inside and outside. I gave away my copy of Simple Abundance a few years ago. I may need to pick up another copy...

  2. This book changed my life, too, Deborah. I first read it at my girlfriend Jen's house in 1997. I was finally pregnant with our son after years of infertility, but I had not taken the test yet as my husband was in Russia and I wanted to wait until he was home. I bought my own copy shortly after that. I also love my daily calendar of hers, too, called HOLD THAT THOUGHT: A Year's Worth of Simple Abundance. Do you have it? I have used it every year since "selfishly" keeping it for myself rather than giving it away as a gift. This book has lead me to discover so many of my other favorite books and authors....A seemless circle of beautifully simple abundance. Thanks for capturing it so beautifully!

  3. Hi, me again. I finally just read your whole list of 100 things....
    Thank you.
    I may borrow your beautiful tradition for New Year's Eve/Day. Love it so much...
    So, I "officially disappeared" from FB but my two pages are back if you want to "like" them again. Buttons on on my blog.
    Peace friend,

  4. Ok this brought tears to my eyes! Why you ask? Well, my mother gave this to me for Christmas in 96'. Ok I don't know that for sure and I'm too lazy to go up to our den and look. Anyway she gave it to me and said if I read this it will for sure change your life! Sad thing is I never got through it and my mother passed in 2002. She was too young to die but they say there is a reason for everything and I think this post is my mother saying, "Hey kid go read that, no time like the present!"

    Thanks Deborah! Just what I needed today!