Monday, November 8, 2010

we name the things we love

in case anyone's wondering, my favorite girl names currently are:

genevieve and vivianne.

daphne and phoebe.

lucy and polly.

amelie and claire.

for boys, outside of my own two sons' names:

benjamin and abraham.

oscar and theo.

august and oliver.

gage and roman.

just in case you are wondering. or need help in naming a baby. you are welcome;)
but, i'm not having a baby. and i don't forsee any more kitties in our future for some long time, but i love naming things.

my dear friend, the pretty penny, will be a grandma within days. maybe just hours. she is beyond happy happy happy.

isn't it the best seeing those you love splitting themselves wide open with love and happiness?

i wanted to name this new little person--her daughter's new baby, but stranglely, they want to name the baby themselves. can you imagine? :)

so, i am now lobbying hard to name the shiny new baby's grandma. i'm hoping they all agree to *panana* because we name the things we love.

if you like to share your favorite names right now....i'll totally indulge you. i can talk names all. day. long. :)



  1. Gosh, was I that obvious? I can't get over how much love I feel for this baby...I didn't think anything would meet the love I felt for my own babies. This is pretty close. What a sweet post. Thanks.

  2. My daughter is having her first baby and, while we were discussing names, I said I liked the name Bryce. She paused and said she liked it too. We have considered him Bryce ever since and I guess she has decided to go with it, unless her husband strongly objects. So far he is good wit the name. I am one happy grandma!

  3. bryce is indeed nice:) congrats on the new little someone to love in your family!!!!!

  4. Ahhh, so much to ponder! You always come through for me, dear friend! And you can probably go ahead and claim the title of "baby-namer" for this little bundle. With all the choices you provided, I'm sure one will makes it's way onto the birth certificate. That's just like you... filling in the "blanks" in my life, with many smiles, memories and sweet tears (the good kind, you know!).

  5. aw....anonymous, such a sweet and personal comment. you one funny lady. ;)