Thursday, November 18, 2010

keeping lists

it's that time of year.

that time to begin the list.

no--not who's been naughty and who's been nice.

the other list--everyone here makes one.

i encourage all the boys to make it as long as possible.

100 things or more.

it's probably the only list i'm pretty good at keeping.

i almost never write a to-do list or grocery list (which surprisingly doesn't always work out so well). i suppose there are many other kinds of lists too. i wouldn't really know.

so today i'll start mine, just the first 10 things.

100 things i am grateful for:

1. my sweet life
2. getting to do life with big red
3. being momma to my two most favorite spirited boys
4. my parents are still so much in our lives
5. memories of my wonderful grandparents
6. our adorable kitties--indie and true
7. a soft, safe spot to call home
8. my dear friends
9. finding joy everyday
10. a little idea from a book 14 years ago

so? want to join me? write your first 10 things? just 10.



  1. 1. Sharing life with my man.
    2. Having the best 3 kids ever
    3. Glad those 3 kids still like being with me even
    though they are grown.
    4. Grateful that Allie is touring the UK doing her
    own music.
    5. That my son Jeff can make a company worthy meal just for us when I'm too tired.
    6. Living at the ocean. Perfect for reflective
    7. Grateful for a full life with loads of friends
    8. Good tunes that get me through the day.
    9. That people actually read my blog!
    10. And most importantly, that Jesus loves me more than anyone else and has graced my life helping me deal with unforgiveness and hate.

  2. I love that idea - such a great reminder!

  3. 1-4 my crumbcatchers (all 4 of them)
    5 my honey
    6 my family
    7 health
    8 finding purpose in my chaotic life
    9 friends
    10 peace within

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, my friend!