Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you made the list

i am grateful for so many people. people i know personally--and people i've never met. my guess? you will see yourself on my list. alright, look for yourself.

51. people who show up in life
52. people who speak what is kind and true
53. people who work late into the night while the rest of us sleep
54. people who risk everything for someone else
55. people who play hard
56. people who never give up
57. people who ask for forgiveness
58. people who give with a warm hand
59. people who love unconditionally
60. people who listen
61. people who think before speaking
62. people who stand for something
63. people who dream big
64. people who see the best in others
65. people who do things i cannot
66. people who make it look easy
67. people who struggle through
68. people who step up
69. people who love deeply
70. people who make me want to be a better me
71. people willing to make the hard choices
72. people who do the right thing
73. people who write or sing or dance or paint or strum with abandon
74. people who recognize when they've made a mistake
75. people who are an open-minded
76. people who wear their heart on their sleeve
77. people who are patient
78. people who never leave anyone behind
79. people who respect themselves
80. people who understand a bigger picture
told you. :)



  1. I love this.... I was going to add to your other list of things you were thankful for, but then I went to comment and found I couldn't capture what I was thinking. But you just did. Beautiful. :)

  2. Ohhhhhhh I lurve this list, and lurve lurve LURVE you, missy:)