Monday, November 15, 2010

the best-laid plans

i'm sort of exhausted. spent.

it was quite an unusual week.

nothing really went as planned.

even when i planned on things not going well. they went in a totally unexpected direction. i thought that by planning for the sucker-punch i would avoid the sucker-punch. nope. didn't even see the frying pan above my head.

trying to help--got, the b in the most trouble.

sorry b. totally my fault.

i don't text. well, i don't text often and usually b helps me. but, wednesday....i did it.

i texted b at school--i swear i thought it was between classes. nope. guess who had to turn his phone into the principal's office and now has to serve detention? truth be told--he wasn't even a little bit mad. he thought it was funny. somehow, i wonder if this will come back later and bite me? i should probably plan on that. ;)


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  1. Oops, at least he wasn't mad! I hope for a non texter who isn't into it you didn't text and drive? I hate those people!

    I gave you an award on my blog today, hop on over and check it out!