Monday, November 22, 2010

abundance of thanksgiving

the gratitude continues--what i am thankful for. the next 40 things on my list,in no particular order, outside of the number attached. ;)

    11. clementines
    12. hand-written notes
    13. sunshine
    14. painting
    15. going barefoot
    16. laughing until you cry
    17. good manners
    18. catching fireflies with my boys
    19. kissing
    20. the sound of waves
    21. the scent of lilacs in may
    22. passion
    23. the kindness of strangers
    24. books that can transport
    25. big red on the 12 string
    26. soup from bones
    27. conversations about the deep important stuff
    28. sunsets
    29. sleeping with the windows open
    30. holding hands
    31. good big ideas
    32. finding money in your pocket
    33. friendliness
    34. the deep love and friendship between our sons
    35. birds singing
    36. scarves and cozy mittens
    37. photographs and moments in time captured forever
    38. celebrating the big and little things
    39. forgiveness
    40. sincere compliments
    41. a happy childhood
    42. cheering for our sons from the sidelines
    43. my creative space
    44. coloring outside the lines
    45. playing for keeps
    46. one-on-one time
    47. evening walks
    48. coffee on the patio
    49. candlelit spaces
    50. pie

p.s. doing this on a grey monday morning? best. thing. ever. it's like a little dose of happiness.


  1. Good Morning Sunshine! To have a list as great as this brings sunshine on a cloudy day! We have a grey day today too! Thanks for letting me see the sun behind the clouds!


    Love 21, 24, 39 and 44

  2. Thanks for following me! Love your list - I'm about to make pies tonight - one of my absolute favorite things to do. Nothing better than a pie crust that rolls out perfectly, soft as silk and flexible. I'm making pumpkin, but my favorite pie is sour cherry. Or maybe strawberry rhubarb. Happy Thanksgiving!