Wednesday, January 12, 2011


today, the 12th of january is such a weighted day for me. today is the 101st anniversary of my sweet grandma's birth. she would have been 101 today. you have no idea how much i would have loved to celebrate with her.
but it is another anniversary too. it is the 15th anniversary of my dear grandpa's death. yeah. he died on my grandma's birthday.

bittersweet, for sure.

i kind of believe that he knew she'd be with us that evening--not alone at home, when he died at the hospital that cold night.

i have no big plans today.
i'm going through boxes in the basement. deciding what to keep, toss and giveaway. i'll probably get lost in the first box for hours and then red will come down and rescue me(read *ask what's for dinner?*). deciding what to keep and toss and givaway is sometimes hard.

this i know.

i am thankful for all the things that my grandparents gave me with a warm hand. not anything of huge value to anyone else, but to me? priceless.
funny things.
worn things.
everyday things.

i'm keeping that in mind as i head to the basement.



  1. Beautiful reflection, friend.
    Blessings on a quiet day of special memories. Hugs...

  2. Hugs to you, Mrs.

    Gosh, I absolutely love the "I am furious today" dude. And me not a knick knack person! Thanks to your lovely grandparents for that!

  3. I just wrote a post
    for tomorrow about my
    own grandma, so it was
    really neat to pop over
    and visit and find that
    you had written about
    yours! And, my word for
    2011 is LISTEN. Thank
    you for your comment on
    P&H; glad to have you along
    as we figure out this
    camera stuff, together!
    xx Suzanne

  4. Lovely!!!! Just lovely!!

    I stumbled onto your blog...I love it and I love your name Indigo Jones Studio!!!

    Where in Michigan are you from!!?!? I live about 30 min. from New Buffalo, MI:):)