Monday, January 24, 2011

in my drawers....

big red was out all day on calls and whatever it is he does:)

i was alone all day with the *girls*--the kitties, who are really cats, but some people do not like cats and that seems to be alright with way too many people, in my opinion. i mean, if you have something against kitties, well--that ain't right. so the kitties and i hung out and true followed me around all day, like normal. indie found, i found her atop the fridge. (she like, never does that) and i ended up preparing a little surprise for big red.

something i knew would make him very very very happy. something he'd never suspect from me after all these years.

no, not that.

red's drinking less coffee and lattes and more tea these days. so am i.

he's easy, that red. i like that about him.



  1. I love the green tea. I drink it all the time, especially if I feel a sore throat coming on.

    You're the best wife eva!

  2. That sends shivers of delight down my back fat. Beautiful pics. I have been so cross today but now....ahhhh....I've found my zen...thank you.....

  3. Looks amazing! Bought a big bag of Michigan apples last night at the grocery and smiled, thinking they might have come from somewhere near YOU! Hope all is sweet in Wonderland today...Love, Robin

  4. I drink at least a pot of half caff a day and just read an article about too much coffee drinking that totally freaked me out! So I too am going to try to do more tea. I want to go get some Green Tea and Chai K cups. Wish you lived closer so I could just stop by and grab some to hold me till I get to the store...

  5. My hubby has had
    a bad case of flu
    since the beginning
    of January and in
    the throes of it all,
    discovered what I
    like about tea : )
    He's now a convert
    and would LOVE a
    drawer like that.
    Ours is all higglety-
    pigglety!! You are
    such a good wife-y!
    xx Suzanne

  6. This is so something I'd get excited about. We are crazy. You know that, right?