Friday, January 28, 2011


last day of the semester, yesterday. thank goodness. i took b out to lunch to celebrate. two of his six teachers were sitting just 10 feet away in another booth. he didn't wave.

he did talk non-stop for an hour, though. i love when that happens. when i remember to shut-up(a phrase i really do not allow in our home) long enough to let him speak his mind and what's on his heart. love it.

after lunch, we split up in target and he found me in the baby clothes section after about 20 minutes. he was puzzled. target has really cute baby things right now--that's all.

i did manage to buy two rugs that are super gorgeous but do not work in my space and two tops that also are gorgeous that do not work on me. you know what did work and fits pertectly? this scarf. love it.



  1. I am loving that scarf....thinking maybe a trip to Target today :)

  2. such a cute picture of you in that scarf! Target DOES have some cute baby things. Sadly I am not in need of any baby items...

  3. just to be VERY clear. i have no need for baby things either. none.

  4. Hi Deborah! Such a lovely scarf..I've got a similar one and I adore it! It's chic and effortless..I like your blog so much!
    Greetings from Rome!

  5. The scarf looks perfect.
    Don't you love it when
    they want to talk? Usually,
    for me, those opportunities
    happen in the car.
    Hope you are enjoying your
    xx Suzanne

  6. LOVE it!! ITA about the baby things in Target, I usually detour past there for a gander:)