Friday, March 2, 2012

Cupcakes and Pie

We celebrated Big Red's birthday this week, in fact we are still celebrating.
Yesterday, Red had meetings all over town and I found myself alone with both a half dozen gourmet cupcakes AND a Michigan blueberry crumb pie. Took all the willpower I had to avoid the kitchen. But, I did it.
I am definitely a sugar-chaser. If I have a little sugar in the morning, I will chase it all the live long day.

Last night, I had just half a cupcake. A Just Baked Snowball cupcake. I am still thinking about it. A rich devil's food cake topped with a marshmallowy creamy frosting and shaved coconut. Oh my. I ate every last crumb on the plate. I could have stuck that plate back in the cabinets without anyone the wiser. (I didn't)

This weekend we'll celebrate some more with my big family--with a dinner out, a homemade dessert and a ping-pong tournament.

How do you celebrate with the important people in your life?

love and light and cupcakes

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