Thursday, September 9, 2010

decisions decisions

decisions decisions.

give me a HUGE life-time commitment decision to make and lickity-split (likicky-split? really, it's the first thing that popped into my head), it's done. i know my decision, immediately or at least very quickly.

i knew i would marry big red on our first date--we were engaged soon after, like weeks after.

choosing a media console?

i need time.

many months.
maybe 6 months.

i LOVE this console.
LOVE. with capital letters.
not LOVE like i LOVE big red, but LoVe, nonetheless.

i LoVe it, except that it wouldn't work so well as a media console--too tipsy and only that bottom shelf.

i also had a mild crush on this one for about 12 minutes.

i have looked at every console, cabinet, buffet and server on the world wide web. i've covered it all. i've searched antique markets and a couple garage sales.

our 17 year old television died back in the spring.
and then after three days, it started working again.
then died.

i know, it's a little biblical and maybe a bit blasphemous--making that analogy.

we didn't know if we should bury the thing in the backyard or toss it out.

but, because it was spring i was

s l o w

to begin looking for a replacement.

i thought it would be nice to have just the one television (in our bedroom?). we'd have to remember to share and when the weather breaks and summer moves into michigan, who needs more television? (in case you are wondering, i did end up catching WAY too many episodes of *river monsters*, *monsters inside me*--that's a post in itself, and *sportscenter*, while sharing.)

i dragged my sweet friend, the english d/parsnip to the pottery barn outlet where i bought nothing while searching for an appropriate (*read* maybe non-existent) console and she bought a $200 lamp--that now doesn't *work* in her new house. (she's welcome:))

so this week i finally narrowed the search and made a decision. big red and i picked it up and brought it home.

(still need to move out old cabinet....tomorrow)

now i have to decide on a television. the boys are hoping that happens before easter. it's not a lifetime commitment, it a television--televisions only seem to last about 17 years. it's not like i'm marrying it, right?



  1. Ha ha ha!!!!! Well I love it! Even if it did cost me $200!! Where can I find the white one? Ikea? I have no need for one but I want it. Apparently, I always buy things I don't need when you mention the word "console".

    Congrats - and make sure you by your TV from Costco, great deals there!

  2. I totally get what you mean by the BIG decisions being easier than the little one....You made a great choice by the way!

  3. We are just about to purchase our first flat screen. We've never owned one yet. I have a very similar table to the one in the first pic. It's one of my favorite things. but i don't have a tv on it. I think you'll be quite happy with your choice.

  4. love your blog! I am going to look for that water pitcher from Target!