Tuesday, September 7, 2010

growing boys

we have the first day of school jitters.

well, the boys seem alright, but big red and i have the jitters.

it doesn't matter how old i am, i always get them; and i'm not even school-bound.

it's the first day of school here and in most of michigan.

b is a high school sophomore this year.

how fast he went from this giggly pre-schooler to this trying-really-hard-to-be-serious big guy.

and r is headed to 5th grade....at the intermediate school, no more elementary school for us.
seems like yesterday i was pinning that bus number star on little r's shirt....

we're all big kids now. when did that happen? i used to think that slowing down time would help me ease into the boys growing up and out, but i think that jack johnson's lyric from *turn your love*,

It's not that it goes too fast
It's just that it goes at all.

pretty much sums up my thoughts and feelings these days, as i'm just trying to savor every bit.



  1. Oh, those lyrics tug at my heart... I just dropped my baby boy off at kindergarten for day #2. Now it's just baby girl and I at home... it's wonderful to be able to concentrate on just her...but the house feels so... empty.

    Your boys are so very handsome. Love the then/now pictures. Enjoy your day, and enjoy the moment when they get to come home and tell you all about their days. :)

  2. I love the before and after pics; soooooooo cute!! I wondered if I was the only one who got back to school jitters. I always spend the whole first day worried about them! Hope Day 2 goes well for B and R! Such fabulous lads! That pic of B's face as a Kindergartener is so full of character, it's a fabulous pic!

  3. Such precious pictures (did you take them with your new camera?)! Great pick on the JJ lyrics, too.