Monday, September 13, 2010

monday morning mind

monday morning mind. sometimes it even shows up again on tuesday. who am i kidding--wednesday isn't necessarily safe, either. i'm trying to get my thoughts in order.

my mind doesn't always work that way--orderly.

so first, thank you to all of you that have sent me links and tutorials on photography. so kind.

this is my best pic from the last few days.
goldenrod (with bokeh, no less)

i'm heading out today to snap some more photos.

wish the boys would enjoy posing or looking *natural* a little more;) isn't it shocking that they aren't thrilled to spend hours on a haystack or gazing into at a baseball mitt for their momma?

i may have to bribe them.
there are worse things.

but the kitties?

the kitties tolerate lots of picture taking.

i'm pretty sure they think i'm ridiculous.
i don't care.

so, these are the latest, best shots of our baby girls.

i promise not to post kitty pictures everyday.
i swear.
but....aren't they the cutest?


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