Monday, September 27, 2010

reason #243 why i like my son

watching our oldest son get ready.

get ready for this year's homecoming.

like he is trying on what adulthood might look like.

in his own style.

you need no reason to love someone; should have no reasons why you would love someone. but, to like them? really honestly and truly, like them?

reason #243 why i like this boy; this young man--my son.

he is patient with my need to take his growing up....s l o w l y.

it's not that he isn't ready. it's that i'm not always ready--not prepared for the next step, quite yet.

i am thankful he gets that--that he is patient with his mom.

that he smiles and nods when i say for the hundredth time, "i'll get there....just give me a little more time. i'm doing my best."


he needs guidance from his parents.

and a tie adjustment. and a ride.



  1. The true testament to his character is how much other people love...and like your teenage son. We not only love him...we like him.

  2. Wow, homecoming!? I can't believe how quickly he's growing up!

  3. perfect post... words, pics. yeah.