Friday, October 15, 2010

a giveaway and what do you have to lose?

i'm working pretty hard to stay on track with my weight loss. and it is pretty hard.

weight, counting my points accurately is sometimes hard. sometimes impossible. though, sometimes easy-peasy. like yesterday--when i went on a restaurant's website and found the nutritional information that makes it easy to choose well.

so i met up with a bunch of blogging michigan moms at a wendy's to try out their new pick 2 for $4.99.
(hungry group of michigan blogging moms)

a friendly group of woman--i hadn't met any of these women before, some came from as far away as grand rapids. i drove a good 40 minutes for this meet-up, and wouldn't you know as i'm sipping a tea at my local starbuck's with a friend this morning one of these women sits down across from me--she lives just a couple miles away and her kids and mine go to the same school. it really is a small world--oh and of course, because i was meeting my friend early or because i am lazy or because i thought i wouldn't see anyone i had spent time with yesterday--i slipped on the same outfit as yesterday, complete with necklace. (maybe that's why i was recognizable....i looked exactly the same) excellent.

wendy's has new half-size salads (spicy chicken caesar, baja, apple pecan chicken and blt cobb) and then you can choose from other items--like a small chili, baked potato, jr bacon cheeseburger, chicken go wrap, small beverage, bottled water or frosty. i steered clear of the yummy frosty even though it was calling. my. name. and well, i wasn't having french fries. as an aside did you know that "dipping your wendy's french fries in your frosty" has 104,370 fans as of this morning, on facebook? i know. i'm full of that kind of what-am-i-to-do-with-it-trivia.

i was so good--picking the apple pecan chicken half size salad and a water--with a lovely pomegranate vinaigrette. as is, with the grilled chicken breast and all the fixings it would come to 8 points. totally awesome. but.....i saved my packet of pecans for a *seriously i need to eat something right now* moment. tucked them into my purse and guess what? that delicious salad added up to only 5 points--for lunch.

truthfully, we don't eat a lot of fast food because usually i would have to give up all my points for the day in one sitting. but, i can see stopping in for this combo again. salad and chili(saving the pecans again) only 9 points. seriously.

if i hadn't already had dinner in the crock pot i would totally have served up wendy's for dinner.

how about this--i want you to try these pick two combos. so a giveaway. just leave a comment to get your name thrown into the hat and become a follower on this blog and i'll put your name in the hat twice. then some random kid will draw a name on wednesday, october 20th. a lucky winner will receive a wendy's gift card--what do you have to lose?


disclosure:i worked with wendy's and and have received a stipend for my participation. all opinions within this post are mine.


  1. Haven't been to Wendy's in a while. I guess it's time to go again! Now, if I can just get past the Spicy Chicken sandwich.... FRIES IN A FROSTY?????

  2. Considering that the nearest Wendy's is at least an hour away, I'm still in. That's some dedication, I'm telling you. But I'm not dipping my fries in my Frosty. I have my standards.

  3. makes me want to schlepp to Wendy's! Keep it up Deborah. The holidays are coming so we need to be stronger to keep motivated on staying on the the diet or healthy eating.

  4. What a fun bloggy event! It's so hard to resist those Frostys!

    *I'm a follower!*

  5. I have to say that I've long been a fan of Wendy's because their food looks like actual food, unlike most fast food restaurants. Also, they post food allergy information so I can safely feed my critter there.