Thursday, October 21, 2010

wondering and other stuff going on

what i'm wondering about:

how our little r was wearing size 6 shoes and how he measured a size 7.5? how did i not know that? and how can he be a size 7.5--men's?

i'm wondering if running up and down the stairs 48 times a day is equal to a work-out? say yes, it is. what if i also told you, i am usually carrying a basket of laundry on my hip?

i'm wondering what this praying mantis is thinking?
or if it's thinking at all? r spotted this gal hanging out on the bushes near the house. r has a good eye for bugs and frogs and snakes and turtles. his eye is not so good at spotting laundry baskets and kitchen sinks and his backpack two minutes before leaving for school. ;)

i'm day-dreaming about organized closets....and how i might feel with more space. and i wish the english d would show up and organize my, i mean stuff.

i'm obsessing over shades of grey and cream.
and burlap.
and baker's twine.
and japanese fishing floats.

i'm listening to the baby bells on the kitties' collars.

and this song with dave matthews and tim reynolds. i love love love that song--a song big red has been kicking out right here at home.

i'm craving clementines. clementine season is almost here.

and i'm missing my grandparents.

what are you wondering, day-dreaming, obsessing about? what are you listening to? craving and missing?



  1. Daydreaming of a warm, sunny day on a beach...prefer Atlantic Ocean but could be just as happy on Lake Michigan. I'm craving an almost empty house without chaos. The calm of music and no background television. Music that makes me want to dance, on the stereo. I can dance to almost may look a little Elainesque but I do it anyway. And missing you and your family.

  2. Forgot- daydreaming about warm sunny days in the yard with a new grandbaby. Little hand in mine and seeing the world through her eyes.

  3. she'll be here in no time, pj. i look forward to seeing you holding this baby. :)

  4. Daydreaming of a family packed home here in America...even a simple 'YES' can make a huge difference!
    And yes, going up and down the steps carrying laundry baskets is like doing lunges with weights!

  5. I love clementines. So does my Squish. I am dreaming of the weeks flying by so my husband will come home.
    I am a new follower from the motherhood. I really liked this post!
    Family and Life in Las Vegas