Monday, October 4, 2010

choosing grey

autumn is often the loveliest season in michigan.
but this year? weekends have been gloomy and windy and rainy and cold.

i prefer the happy and breezy and sunshiny and warm. I realize that's how i prefer summer as well. and i'd totally go for a winter like that too.

but you know what a grey october day does?
it makes me think we should paint or fix stuff. er...well, it makes me think i should convince big red to paint and fix stuff. it makes me make soup or chili or sauce.

so poor poor big red found himself picking up paint on saturday morning. he also stopped by his favorite coffee house(twice). don't feel too badly for him.

r and i had discussed and chose the colors weeks ago. we allow our kids to have a loud say in their room decor.

in the end, he ended up choosing exactly what his big brother chose.

if you are going to allow your kids a say, you have to be alright with what they choose, even if it's what their brother chose. vintage grey and midnight--but with a different exposure and different furniture it won't look the same. it'll have his own *r* stamp of uniqueness.


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  1. Looks great! 2 trips to the coffee shop sounds good too!