Thursday, October 7, 2010

lovely welcome

do you ever look around your space and think--i need to change it? right now? immediately. that's how it usually happens for me. i love it until the minute i don't.

a few weeks back, i suddenly decided the entry felt too heavy. i wanted something lighter, happier and much more open and welcoming.

so i did little editing. a little adding--a little less and a little more.

tweaking, without spending a dime.

freshening up while paring down.

it's all new to me, just by adjusting.

the table was a bargain years ago and used to be behind the sofa in the living room. the old ceiling tins were souvenirs from a trip(back when big red and i were first married) and the basket came from my mom and dad's house. the planter is a real mccoy. and the candles are tuberose-scented (just ever so slightly). the lamp looks like an old japanese fishing float (which is one of my current and ever-evolving obsessions). i recently covered the shade with burlap. I still might move the mirror to the dining room.

but, for now.

for today--this is my new *lovely*.


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