Tuesday, October 12, 2010

you are most cordially invited

you have more time than you think.

168 hours - that's how many hours there are in a week and the title of laura vanderkam's new book "168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think".

so tuesday, today--i am an *expert* sitting in with laura vanderkam and a fantastic group of mom bloggers to talk about how we spend our time and how we can look at our schedules differently and free up more time.

here's how martha beck describes her reaction to the book,
"Within a few pages, Laura Vanderkam's crisp, entertaining book convinced me I had time to read it. Then it convinced me I had time to reread War and Peace. In the original Russian. Thank you, Laura, for freeing up my schedule."
-martha beck, bestselling author of Steering by Starlight.

i'm sure i'll learn a ton, too.

please come on over and join in. it's all text. this is your invitation. yep, i'm inviting you.

visit themotherhood's talk

it begins at 1:00pm EST.

can't make it--no time. no problem. when you have a few minutes, pop on over and the entire talk will still be available.

i know. so cool, right?

themotherhood is most awesome. when i'm not here, you can often find me there-- where i use capital letters properly.


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